Test Prep

Test preparation can be stressful for everyone — students, teachers, parents, administrators. Making sure students are equipped with all the knowledge they need going into testing days can be as demanding as the tests themselves. It’s important that the student’s support team, at school and home, work together. It’s equally important that students have the right tools to make the process engaging and motivating.

VocabularySpellingCity provides a wide range of valuable tools to help students at every grade level prepare for tests:

Practice Tests

Immediate feedback allows students to see which words need additional attention. It can also help teach them to review their work at the end of a test. Student scores, as well as missed words, are automatically recorded, allowing teachers to identify error patterns that can be addressed before testing begins. Students see improvement and gain confidence as test days approach.

Writing Activities

Create writing prompts by customizing instructions on our sentence and paragraph writing activities to help students prepare for essay questions. This will also give them practice with keyboarding, a vital skill as tests transition to online.

Academic Vocabulary

We have lists of the most frequently used academic vocabulary words, with context-rich sentences and definitions, to build word comprehension for every learning level. Our Teaching Resources include comprehensive math and science vocabulary and informational text that are based on educational standards and organized by grade level. In addition, we have ACT and SAT word lists for high school students preparing for those exams.