Matter (K-8)

The study of matter is a crucial aspect of elementary school science. Within the study of matter, students study elementary school chemistry, elementary school earth science, and even middle school physics. Since all material on Earth consists of matter, students studying the elementary school science curriculum need a tool that synthesizes the broad array of elementary school matter lesson plans. Read MoreRead Less

Students are often required to complete middle school science projects, middle school science experiments, and study for middle school science tests. Yet, these students need a learning tool that connects their middle school science courses to real life experiences. The middle school science and elementary school matter word lists below are the solution.

Students can have a great time learning elementary school science definitions, reviewing correct pronunciation of elementary science words, and playing elementary school science games. Using online science games to make real-life connections to the middle school science curriculum gives students the advantage they need to succeed and helps them see just how much science matters!

The following games are recommended for Matter (K-8) Lists.

Which Initial Sound? allows students to create and type in a sentence for each one of their spelling or vocabulary words.

Play Which Initial Sound? with a Kindergarten Matter list.

Aim2Spell is a fun way to practice spelling words.

Play Aim2Spell with a 3rd grade Matter list.

Crossword allows students to fill in a crossword puzzle using words on their list.

Play Crossword with a 6th grade Matter list.