Middle School Expressions & Equations

Common Core State Standards Overview for Middle School Expressions & Equations

  • Apply and extend previous understandings of arithmetic to algebraic expressions.
  • Reason about and solve one-variable equations and inequalities.
  • Represent and analyze quantitative relationships between dependent and independent variables.
  • Use properties of operations to generate equivalent expressions.
  • Solve real-life and mathematical problems using numerical and algebraic expressions and equations.
  • Work with radicals and integer exponents.
  • Understand the connections between proportional relationships, lines, and linear equations.
  • Analyze and solve linear equations and pairs of simultaneous linear equations.
Source: www.corestandards.org

In middle school, students make a considerable leap in their use and understanding of mathematical expressions and equations. Having learned arithmetic and the basics of operations on equations, sixth graders are introduced to algebra. In the seventh and eighth grade, students further expand their use of numerical expressions and equations. While learning such mathematical concepts as radicals and integer exponents may be interesting, it can also be difficult if math students don’t have a firm grounding in mathematical terminology. Read MoreRead Less

Math Word Lists

The math vocabulary lists are based on the Common Core Middle School Math Standards. VocabularySpellingCity has selected the middle school math words that apply to the key math concepts and written level-appropriate middle school math definitions combined with meaningful example sentences. Middle school students can use these materials for reinforcement to build understanding or assessment. Teachers can import the lists into their account and then edit or extend the lists for their own purposes.

The word lists, which correlate to the Common Core State Standards, allow middle school students to learn all of the specialized expressions & equations terminology they need in a fun and enjoyable way. Through word games, printable worksheets and online testing, middle school students have all they need to reinforce their knowledge of mathematical expressions and equations. They will ace their math tests and the results will show in their facial expressions!

The following games are recommended for Middle School Expressions & Equations Lists.

Paragraph Writing Practice allows students to create a paragraph using their spelling or vocabulary words.

Play Paragraph Writing Practice with a Middle School Expressions & Equations list.

Vocabulary TestMe provides students with the opportunity to take a vocabulary test independently.

Play Vocabulary TestMe with a Middle School Expressions & Equations list.

WhichWord? Definitions provides practice recognizing definitions for each spelling and vocabulary word.

Play WhichWord? Definitions with a Middle School Expressions & Equations list.