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Students unknowingly use hyperbole throughout the day when they bemoan the tons of homework assigned or how the computer took an eternity to load. A hyperbole is an exaggerated statement not meant to be taken literally, but used for emphasis. Hyperbole is used in everyday spoken language and even literature, like tall tales. Lists of hyperbole examples for kids are useful for all students.

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Although students may be able to use hyperbole in a sentence as part of their day-to-day speech, teachers should still create and implement hyperbole practice lessons to help students develop a greater understanding of the figurative language concept. VocabularySpellingCity provides teachers with additional resources to enhance their hyperbole lesson plan. Resources include ready-made word lists of hyperboles, interactive learning games, and free printable worksheets.

Teaching Hyperbole Practice

Although the term hyperbole is not referenced in the ELA Common Core Standards until the sixth grade, elementary students will encounter hyperbolic language in literature long before middle school. In second grade, students are introduced to folk tales. A particular type of folk tale, the tall tale, incorporates hyperbole into storytelling, as events and elements are widely exaggerated. Elementary school students will be exposed to the stories of Pecos Bill, Paul Bunyan, The Legend of John Henry, and The Legend of Johnny Appleseed. So elementary school teachers will need to utilize lists of hyperboles to improve students’ understanding of these exaggerations during readings.

K-12 word study using hyperbole examples for kids should contain a variety of grade-level appropriate exercises so students become more familiar with interpreting nonliteral meanings of words and phrases in spoken and written English. Students can also practice using hyperbole in a sentence they create themselves to showcase the practical application of their lessons. VocabularySpellingCity offers Sentence Writing Practice, which allows students to use their teacher’s lists of hyperboles in their own writing.

In addition, the activity Paragraph Writing Practice can be used to further enhance a tall tale lesson plan. Students can be assigned to create their own tall tale and can use hyperbole in their stories.


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Learn about more types of figurative language: idioms, metaphors, personification and similes.


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Common Core State Standards Related to Hyperbole

Distinguish the literal and nonliteral meanings of words and phrases in context (e.g., take steps).

Interpret figurative language, including similes and metaphors, in context.

Demonstrate understanding of figurative language, word relationships, and nuances, in word meanings.

Hyperbole Examples – Elementary School
  • The whole world was staring at me.
  • I can smell mom’s brownies a mile away.
  • I’m so hungry, I could eat a horse.
  • I have a ton of homework.
  • He snores louder than a freight train.

 K-5 Hyperbole Practice Worksheet (Sentence Unscramble)

Hyperbole in a Sentence – Middle School
  • I have a thousand things to do today.
  • His garlic breath could knock over an elephant.
  • I’ve seen this movie a thousand times.
  • The letter took forever to arrive.
  • You could have knocked me over with a feather.

 6-8 Hyperbole Practice Worksheet (MatchIt Sentences)

Hyperbole Examples – High School
  • I don’t have two cents to rub together.
  • The teacher has a mountain of tests to grade.
  • He runs faster than the speed of light.
  • It took me light years to finish this project.
  • I’d move mountains for you.

 9-12 Hyperbole Practice Worksheet (WhichWord? Sentences)

VocabularySpellingCity.com provides hyperbole word lists, printables, and interactive games and activities that give students the opportunity to distinguish literal and nonliteral meanings for words and to interpret hyperbole in context.

Try Sentence Writing Practice with the Elementary School Hyperbole practice list.

Hyperbole Practice