High School Modeling

Mathematical modeling brings all of the other high school math subjects together. Through modeling, high school students identify variables in a situation, select an algebraic, geometric, statistical, or other mathematical way of solving the problem, perform operations on the variables, and interpret the results. But it’s difficult to apply these models unless students have a thorough understanding not just of modeling terminology, but of high school math vocabulary in general. Read MoreRead Less

Math Word Lists

The math vocabulary lists are based on the Common Core High School Math Standards. VocabularySpellingCity has selected the high school math words that apply to the key math concepts and written level-appropriate high school math definitions combined with meaningful example sentences. High school students can use these materials for reinforcement to build understanding or assessment. Teachers can import the lists into their account and then edit or extend the lists for their own purposes.

The modeling word lists ensure that students learn modeling vocabulary following the Common Core State Standards. Via word games, word lists, printable worksheets and online tests, high school students learn math terminology in its proper context. Students are then better equipped to understand and use the key concepts of mathematical modeling for everything from modeling bacterial growth in a colony to finding optimum food distribution methods during a famine, or planning a schedule for a tournament. When students have a thorough grasp of mathematical modeling vocabulary, it shows!

The following games are recommended for High School Modeling Lists.

Paragraph Writing Practice allows students to create a paragraph using their spelling or vocabulary words.

Play Paragraph Writing Practice with a High School Modeling list.

Vocabulary TestMe provides students with the opportunity to take a vocabulary test independently.

Play Vocabulary TestMe with a High School Modeling list.

WhichWord? Definitions provides practice recognizing definitions for each spelling and vocabulary word.

Play WhichWord? Definitions with a High School Modeling list.