High School Space Science

From the creation of the universe to the study of astronomy and the science of astrophysics, space has fascinated generations across the globe. Only recently have scientists developed the tools allowing us to look into the expanse of space and discover both the amazing arrangement of the galaxies and the colossal events of stellar processes. The realization that Earth is part of space, in which it is suspended, awakens curiosity in many students. Read MoreRead Less

Teaching high school space science involves exposing ninth through twelfth grade students to space science vocabulary to prepare them for the demands of tomorrow’s world. High schoolers enjoy practicing space science definitions and concepts with engaging vocabulary activities and challenging word games.

Printable worksheets, easily added to high school science lesson plans, bring space science problems down to Earth. Reading and hearing context-rich sentences stimulates students’ interest and increases their eagerness to learn. The vocabulary lists aim at strengthening students’ comprehension of space science words for out-of-this-world results!

The following games are recommended for High School Space Science Lists.

Paragraph Writing Practice allows students to create a paragraph using their spelling or vocabulary words.

Play Paragraph Writing Practice with a high school Space Science list.

Vocabulary TestMe provides students with the opportunity to take a vocabulary test independently.

Play Vocabulary TestMe with a high school Space Science list.

WhichWord? Definitions provides practice recognizing definitions for each spelling and vocabulary word.

Play WhichWord? Definitions with a high school Space Science list.