Kindergarten Science Vocabulary

At the Kindergarten level, science is a foundational subject introducing students to the world around them. A strong kindergarten science curriculum should include the study of science vocabulary. When students see how kindergarten science terms are relevant to real life contexts, they are better equipped to make sense of their newly acquired scientific knowledge. Read MoreRead Less

VocabularySpellingCity makes this connection through comprehensive kindergarten science word lists. Each list contains the most common vocabulary terms used in the presentation of each particular science concept. Seven categories are covered, both at a glance and in depth: Scientific Inquiry, Matter, Energy, Motion, Space, Earth, and Life Science.

The following games are recommended for Kindergarten Science Vocabulary Lists.

Which Final Sound? allows students to practice recognizing the final sound in a word.

Play Which Final Sound? with a kindergarten science list.

Read-A-Word allows students to practice their reading and literacy skills.

Play Read-A-Word with a kindergarten science list.

Alphabetize allows students to practice alphabetizing words.

Play Alphabetize with a kindergarten science list.