Irregular Verb Lists

Irregular verbs are verbs in which the past tense is not formed by adding the usual -ed ending (e.g. sing, sang vs. laugh, laughed). Irregular verbs have different spellings for the past and past participle.

Young children may use irregular verbs in conversation, but irregular verb lists are not taught formally until Grade 2, after students have learned simple verb tenses of regular verbs. Third ­grade students learn that some verbs do not have -ed past tense forms, and these verbs that change to other words are called irregular verbs. In Grade 3, students also learn that irregular verbs have a special form when used with has and have, and word study practice helps students avoid confusing the two past forms of irregular verbs. Engaging irregular verb exercises online, in addition to practice games, help drive knowledge retention in your learners.

As students progress and learn more verb terminology, word study should include irregular verb practice on the correct verb form to use with a helping verb (He went home may also be expressed as He has gone home, but not as He has went home).

Commonly Used Irregular VerbsClose

Present Tense Past Tense
bend bent
burn burnt
lend lent
light lit
ring rang
rise rose
sink sank
shoot shot
stick stuck
tear tore
wake woke
bleed bled
speed sped
creep crept
dream dreamt
ride rode
freeze froze
lie lay
strike struck
shrink shrank
sting stung


Irregular Verb Exercises Online

View Common Core State Standards Related to Irregular VerbsClose

Common Core State Standards Related to Irregular Verbs

Recognize and read grade-appropriate irregularly spelled words.

Form and use the past tense of frequently occurring irregular verbs (e.g., sat, hid, told).

Recognize and read grade-appropriate irregularly spelled words.

Form and use regular and irregular verbs.

Read grade-appropriate irregularly spelled words.

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Common Irregular Verbs #1: say, said, make, made, go, went, come, came, see, saw, get, got, give, gave, tell, told, hold, held, sit, sat

Common Irregular Verbs #2: do, did, eat, ate, run, ran, hear, heard, fall, fell, know, knew, find, found, think, thought, take, took, drink, drank

Common Irregular Verbs #3: meet, met, send, sent, leave, left, catch, caught, bring, brought, begin, began, write, wrote, stand, stood, pay, paid, drive, drove

Common Irregular Verbs #4: buy, bought, grow, grew, swim, swam, sing, sang, keep, kept, speak, spoke, draw, drew, sleep, slept, throw, threw, break, broke

Common Irregular Verbs #5: mean, meant, lead, led, lose, lost, build, built, spend, spent, wear, wore, choose, chose, bite, bit, blow, blew, feel, felt

Common Irregular Verbs #6: fly, flew, fight, fought, hide, hid, feed, fed, sell, sold, teach, taught, win, won, dig, dug, shake, shook, steal, stole

Try a Fun, Engaging Irregular Verb Practice Game from VocabularySpellingCity Today! provides word lists, printables, and interactive games and irregular verb exercises online that give students the opportunity to recognize, read, and form irregular verbs.

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Irregular Verb Practice Games