Kindergarten Social Studies

My Family, My School, My Country

The social studies curriculum at the kindergarten level centers around students’ immediate surroundings: their home, their family, their school. VocabularySpellingCity provides fun online kindergarten social studies activities to help your students learn their social studies vocabulary words. Whether you are teaching a social studies unit about family and home or about how a city works, the full range of vocabulary for kindergarten social studies lesson plans is right at your fingertips. Read MoreRead Less

Social studies activities for kindergarten include a range of animated word games that not only teach students to spell, but also show them how to use social studies vocabulary in context. Teachers who are teaching social studies vocabulary may also administer a social studies vocabulary quiz, to help assess the progress of their students. VocabularySpellingCity partners with teachers to ensure that even at the kindergarten level, social studies for kids is not only educational, but fun to learn.

The following games are recommended for Kindergarten Social Studies Vocabulary Lists.

Which Final Sound? allows students to practice recognizing the final sound in a word.

Play Which Final Sound? with a kindergarten social studies list.

Read-A-Word allows students to practice their reading and literacy skills.

Play Read-A-Word with a kindergarten social studies list.

Alphabetize allows students to practice alphabetizing words.

Play Alphabetize with a kindergarten social studies list.