Spelling Patterns

VocabularySpellingCity is the perfect compliment to Words Their Way®. After students have completed their sorts, the ability to play games with their words supplements sorting with a multimodal experience, and allows students opportunities for repeated exposures to their words.

Teachers can create word lists that mirror Words Their Way® lists, or use our developmental spelling curriculum alongside of Words Their Way® to supplement students’ practice with similar word patterns. Our spelling curriculum can be used to supplement any developmentally based spelling program including Fountas and Pinnell’s Continuum of Literacy Learning and Jan Richardson’s The Next Step Forward in Guided Reading.

VocabularySpellingCity’s Spelling Curriculum is organized by stages, although each stage spans grade levels and ages. For example:

 Stage Grades Ages WTW
 Stage 1 Letter Sounds and Word Families K-1 5-7 K-mid 2
5-8 yrs
 Stage 2 Vowels, Digraphs, Dipthongs 2-3 7-9 1-mid 4
7-10 yrs
 Stage 3 Syllable, Prefixes, Suffixes 4-5 9-14 3-8
9-14 yrs

No matter your school’s spelling curriculum, let VocabularySpellingCity provide the independent practice needed to develop automaticity, the spaced and repeated practice needed to keep words in long term memory, and the organizational tool needed keeps students engaged during literacy center rotations.