Elementary School Counting & Cardinality

Common Core State Standards Overview for Elementary School – Counting & Cardinality

  • Know number names and the count sequence.
  • Count to tell the number of objects.
  • Compare numbers.

The basic foundation for any elementary math lesson plan is the knowledge of number names and their order. Counting in sequence and understanding cardinality is a skill that each person uses everyday throughout their lives. It is the groundwork upon which addition, subtraction, and other mathematical operations are built. Read MoreRead Less

Math Word Lists

The math vocabulary lists are based on the Common Core Elementary Math Standards. VocabularySpellingCity has selected the elementary math words that apply to the key math concepts and written level-appropriate elementary math definitions combined with meaningful example sentences. Elementary students can use these materials for reinforcement to build understanding or assessment. Teachers can import the lists into their account and then edit or extend the lists for their own purposes.

VocabularySpellingCity gives students the ability to learn the vocabulary of numbers and practice it through flash cards and fun online games. Students learn to spell the name of each number with spelling tests and handwriting worksheets. This rudimentary and essential understanding of the relationship between numbers as words and numbers as numerals is aided by practice of elementary math vocabulary and definitions. Comparing quantities, counting, and cardinality is achieved through an elementary core curriculum that involves repetition and rehearsal of elementary math words through math worksheets and questions. The counting and cardinality word lists below, which are based on the Common Core State Standards, enrich students’ comprehension by showing them how to write numbers, whether counting by ones or tens. Learning math vocabulary and spelling with these lists is something students can count on!

The following games are recommended for Counting & Cardinality Vocabulary Lists.

Which Initial Sound? allows students to create and type in a sentence for each one of their spelling or vocabulary words.

Play Which Initial Sound? with a Counting & Cardinality list.

Word Unscramble provides practice unscrambling letters to form words.

Play Word Unscramble with a Counting & Cardinality list.

Alphabetize gives students practice putting words into alphabetical order.

Play Alphabetize with a Counting & Cardinality list.