Geography Lists

VocabularySpellingCity continues to make learning fun while teaching spelling of states and capitals! Many schools today will focus their teachings on cross-curriculum activities and VocabularySpellingCity incorporates those same learning standards.

Geography Word Lists

Geography lists are a wonderful way to have your child not only learn how to spell the names of the states and their capitals, but also learn which capital goes with each state. Learn how to spell the place names by printing up the handwritten sheets and practicing writing the geography words. You can even print up your geography lists and take them with you to continue the learning fun!

Playing with Geography Lists

Word Match
Make learning fun playing the MatchIt! Sentences game on VocabularySpellingCity. Have your students select any Geography list, then select Play A Game and choose MatchIt! Sentences. Students will then read each sentence and match the word that correctly fills in the blank. They will have fun learning all the correct spellings of places around the world including the Americas, Africa, Europe and Asia! They are sure to impress their teachers and parents with their geography knowledge.

Word Recognition
WhichWord? Sentences is another game where your geography lists can be used to play and learn simultaneously. Looking to test your geography knowledge? Through VocabularySpellingCity, now you can choose from multiple geography lists to play a game. This is a multiple choice game that allows students to choose from four possible answers! It is great fun for students of all ages!

The following games are recommended for Geography Lists.

MatchIt Sentences provides practice matching words with the sentences they correspond with.

Play MatchIt Sentences with a US States list.

WhichWord? Sentences provides practice recognizing contextual sentences for each spelling and vocabulary word.

Play WhichWord? Sentences with a US State Capitals list.