Registering for a VocabularySpellingCity account gives customers their own homepage. This homepage can be accessed through Search or through your personal homepage URL.

The URL of your VocabularySpellingCity homepage is https://www.spellingcity.com/users/[username]. For example, if your username is SBrooks3, your VocabularySpellingCity URL will be:


Free members will find the My Homepage link in their navigation bar across the top of the page.

Premium members will find the My Homepage link in the pulldown menu in the upper right corner.

Clicking the My Homepage link in your navigation bar will take you directly to your personal homepage, which includes your school information, shows your personal message to students and parents, recommended links and the lists saved or imported into your account. You can customize the message to students and parents, as well as your recommended links by selecting Edit Profile in your username drop-down menu.

Common FAQs

Why does my VocabularySpellingCity homepage appear in Google searches?

Google indexes sites sporadically, so your VocabularySpellingCity homepage may be indexed and available when somebody searches your name. Please note that even if you cancel your account, your homepage may still appear among Google search results for several weeks until Google reindexes its site.

How do I edit the message to my students or recommended links?

To edit your message or links, log into your account and select Edit Profile in your username drop-down menu.

Why are some of my lists not appearing on my homepage?

Only lists that have been published will appear on your homepage. You can publish or unpublish lists from List Management or from the Word Verification page.