Test Results

One of the benefits of taking spelling and vocabulary tests on VocabularySpellingCity is that students receive immediate feedback and their test results are automatically recorded for Premium Members, including scores and any words missed.

On the Grading & Records page, test results can be viewed under the Activity View tab. Select either Spelling TestMe or Vocabulary TestMe in the Activity drop-down to view the entire class’ results. For an individual student, choose one under the Student/Group drop-down option.

To print test results, reset test scores or view a summary report, click on the test score. For more detailed printable reports, click the Class Reports button.

You can also access the Practice Test settings on this page, which will allow your students to take practice tests before taking a real test. The practice test results are viewable by choosing a Practice Test activity, but the scores will not be clickable.

To reset test scores, click the Reset Test Scores button, select a test, and then choose the list and student you want to reset the score for.

Common FAQs

Why aren’t my students’ names appearing at the top of their test reports?

Student’s first and last names will appear at the top of printed test reports if this data has been added to the students’ accounts. If only usernames have been entered, the students’ full names will not appear on the reports.

How do I reset the Activity View to show all activities, lists and students?

If a list, activity, or student is selected, click the x on those options.

Can a certificate be printed for completing a Vocabulary Test?

At this time, certificates are only available for Spelling Tests.