Teacher vs. Parent

Administrative privileges are no different whether you are registered as a parent or a teacher. The only difference is that parents may only purchase a Family Premium Membership, while teachers may only purchase Classroom Premium Memberships.

Premium Membership upgrades are determined by your registration. Learn more about purchasing family membership for up to five students here, and about purchasing classroom membership for 25 students here. Get information about school and district pricing here.

Common FAQs

I’m a homeschool parent, should I register as a teacher?

There is no difference in administrative privileges between parents and teachers. Registering as a parent will allow you to purchase a family Premium Membership for up to five students, rather than the 25-student-minimum Classroom Premium Membership.

I have only one child, can I purchase a single student license?

No. The minimum purchase for a family is a Family Premium Membership, which may be used for between one and five children.

If I purchase a Family Premium Membership for my child, can we access the teacher’s word lists?

Yes. We suggest importing your child’s teacher’s word lists into your own account for easy access.