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Teaching Resources offers additional educational value for teachers, as well as parents! Teachers and parents can also import available lists into their own accounts. When accessed through Teaching Resources, all word lists are available for use with any of our Premium Activities!

Language Arts Lessons offer video lessons, enrichment strategies, and sample word lists along with featured games.

Useful Word Lists offer a collection of subject-based and themed word lists, including ACT & SAT, Geography, Literature-Based Word Lists, Science Vocabulary and Word Families. This section also includes additional information about each type of word list, teaching tips, and more.


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Common FAQs

Can I import lists from Teaching Resources?

Yes, as long as you are logged into your account.

Can I assign the language arts lessons (for example, the instructional videos) to my students as part of their assignments?

At this time, the language arts lessons and instructional videos available in Teaching Resources cannot be included as part of students’ assignments.

What types of word lists will I find in Teaching Resources?

Lists are available in many subject areas, covering a wide range of topics including Compound Words, Math Vocabulary, Analogies, Contractions, Possessive Nouns, Dolch Words, and more!