Teacher Management

Account Administrators can grant Premium account access to VocabularySpellingCity registered teachers and create new accounts for teachers who are not current members. They can also remove teachers who are no longer at their school from their school’s account.

To view the teachers currently associated with your each school, log into your account and select Account Administration from your Admin Tools. Select the red arrow next to a school name to open the group and view a list of registered teachers.

There are several ways to grant Premium account access to teachers:

  1. Upload your teacher roster via a CSV file. This method will create accounts for new teachers and grant Premium account access to existing VocabularySpellingCity members. Please be sure to include the email addresses that current VocabularySpellingCity members used to register for their accounts to avoid creating duplicate accounts
  2. Teachers who are existing VocabularySpellingCity members can also be granted Premium access using the following methods:
    1. Check the box next to name of each teacher you’d like to grant Premium access to. From the “Choose an Action” drop-down menu, select Grant Access.
    2. In the column Under Admin, click to change the value to Yes.
    3. Select Manage Teachers next to the school name, then enter the teacher’s username or email address and click Revoke Access.
  3. Create an account for a single teacher by selecting Manage Teachers, entering the data in the fields provided and clicking the Create an Account button.

Remove Teachers from School

To remove teachers from your school’s account so that they no longer appear on your Account Administration page (nor on your school’s homepage), select the box next to the name of each teacher you wish to remove from your school’s account. Then, from the “Choose an action” drop-down menu, select Remove From School. Note: This will not delete the teacher’s account, it will simply remove the association to your school/district.

Notifying Teachers About Your Premium Membership

Once you have set up accounts for your teachers and granted them Premium account access, we offer three emails that may be used to notify your teachers about their Premium Membership and instruct them on how to set up their students.

VocabularySpellingCity also offers online training to members, including several Video Webinars On Demand.

Common FAQs

Can I have another teacher help manage our school’s account?

Yes, on the Account Administration page, under Account Overview, select Assign Administrative Privileges to designate a Co-Administrator to assist you in managing your school’s or district’s account.

I have exceeded my number of allowed teachers! What can I do?

The number of allowed teachers with whom you may grant Premium access is based on the number of student licenses purchased. Review your list of teachers to ensure that you are granting account access to the correct teachers. Remove any teacher who is no longer at your school and revoke access from any teacher who is not using the program. If you have student licenses available and have exceeded your teacher sharing limit, please contact implementation@spellingcity.com for assistance.

Only a few teachers in my school are actually using Premium Membership. Should I remove teachers that are not using licenses from my school?

No. If the teachers still work at the school, but are not using Premium Membership, do not remove them from your school. You can revoke Premium access by selecting Yes in the Under Admin column or by checking the box next to each teacher’s name with whom you no longer wish to grant account access, then select Revoke Access from the “Choose an Action” drop-down menu.