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In TeachMe More, students explore spelling, syllables, sounds, context in a sentence, definition and the part of speech.

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Building Literacy

  • Foundational Skills

What? In English Language Arts (ELA), students explore different parts of a word. More...Less

They will learn about parts of speech, like nouns and verbs. They will learn about breaking words into syllables and segmenting sounds. In addition, students will explore word meaning and how to use words in the appropriate context. VocabularySpellingCity's interactive activity, TeachMe More, encompasses all different aspects of a word.

When? Students begin to study words as early as kindergarten. More...Less

SKindergarten students learn that words are composed of letters and they learn to chunk letters with sounds in order to decode them. Kindergarteners also learn about segmentation and breaking words into syllables. Later in first grade, students will learn about the different parts of speech and their role in composing sentences. First students will also be introduced to using context clues to determine a word’s meaning. With each passing year, students demonstrate greater understanding of word relationships and the nuances in word meanings to become better readers and writers.

How to teach: TeachMe More can be used to introduce a word in a whole group setting. Teachers can display selected words and their definitions as part of a lesson introduction. Students can use TeachMe More independently in the classroom, in literacy centers, or for homework.

Play to learn: TeachMe More allows students to explore their spelling or vocabulary words. More...Less

Students can click and view a word’s spelling, syllables, sounds, and context. When students choose the spelling feature, the word is spelled and read aloud. The syllables option breaks the word into its syllables. The sound feature breaks down the word into sounds and displays the word in Elkonin boxes. Context provides a context-rich sentence along with the word definition and part of speech. Students need to click on at least one feature in order to move on to the next word.

Teaching Tip: TeachMe More is the perfect tool to introduce or review spelling or vocabulary words. More...Less

Teachers can use the activity in whole group at the beginning of a unit or prior to a test. Students can also use TeachMe More as a resource, much like a dictionary is used, to complete assignments in class or for homework.

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