RtI – Tier 2

Tier II of the RtI Framework provides targeted interventions for students not making adequate progress with Tier I instruction. Students are provided additional instructional time including small group instruction with the use of targeted interventions. The classroom challenge is to deliver small group instruction, interventions, and feedback to Tier II students while maintaining disruption-free whole-group engagement. VocabularySpellingCity assists educators by providing tools to differentiate classroom curricula and gives teachers the ability to create assignments tailored to the needs of whole group, small groups, and/or the individualized student. At this level, it is key to maintain open and frequent communication between teachers, parents, and specialized, and to set goals for the intervention.

Tier II includes:

  • About 20% of the students from the Tier 1 group, 5% of which may progress to Tier III
  • Adult-led, small group instruction
  • Additional instructional time under 90 minutes
  • Use of interventions teamed with student feedback
  • Ongoing progress monitoring to determine success of interventions

VocabularySpellingCity has resources and tools to easily create differentiated group assignments, engaging games that provide students with immediate feedback, and electronic record keeping to track Tier II students’ progress. The Common Core State Standards can easily be fused with the RtI adjustments in the Tier II implementation.

VocabularySpellingCity can be integrated to support a Tier II curriculum

  • Create word lists that are tailored to the students’ current level and increase slowly in difficulty.
  • Constantly monitor progress with the grade book and activity reports using the advanced options in the premium account.
  • Track improvements at different time scales and for different topics to identify strengths and weakness.
  • Assign fun activities that encourage students to expand their vocabulary and spelling abilities. Notable games for enhancing these skills include: HangMouse, Word Search, Alphabetical Order, Unscramble, and Parts of Speech.
  • Use Find a List to search through previously created lists. If you don’t find what you need, you can easily and quickly create your own lists to assign.
  • In addition to assignment submission online, you can use the printables option to generate worksheets based on your lists.

Use VocabularySpellingCity to support a variety of subjects in your Tier II curriculum:

Sometimes Tier II students struggle in Math and Sciences because they lack an understanding of vocabulary that is specific to each subject, and they are embarrassed to ask for help. VocabularySpellingCity has hand picked key words from the Common Core State Standards that provide an essential foundation for each category, from Math and Science to Social Studies. Premium games such as MatchIt Definitions and Word-O-Rama teach the vital definitions from your wordlists. They also have helpful examples that use the vocabulary words in a sentence to provide clues and demonstrate the applications of each word.