RtI – Tier 1

Tier I of the RtI Framework is the delivery of the core curriculum with an ongoing progress monitoring system in place. Student performance is assessed to quickly and correctly identify students in need of additional support and interventions. The classroom challenge is the delivery of core curriculum, management of student needs and behaviors, as well as the assessment of instruction and student performance on a weekly basis. VocabularySpellingCity helps educators manage the daily challenges of core curriculum instruction, group and student assessment, and the identification of necessary interventions.

Tier I:

  • uses research-based core curriculum
  • is typically effective for 80% of the student population
  • universally screens all students to identify struggling students

“VocabularySpellingCity.com is my favorite language arts tool that I use with my Tier I students. I use it to create my spelling list for the week, vocabulary words, and I almost always place a content area list for students, depending on the topic we are studying. It frees up a huge amount of time for instruction and makes teaching spelling and vocabulary a breeze. Students and parents love it and find it to be more exciting and helpful than traditional spelling homework. After using VocabularySpellingCity for 2 years, I don’t know what I would do without it!” ~ Natalie D’Amato, 4th grade teacher – School District of Palm Beach County, FL

VocabularySpellingCity can be easily integrated into your Tier I Literacy Block:

  • Create a vocabulary and/or ‘words to know’ list for Read Aloud/Shared Reading or ‘Find a List’ already created!
  • Assign engaging activities to correlate to your Read Aloud list. Great activities and games for enhancing vocabulary acquisition include: MatchIt Sentences, MatchIt Definitions, Which Word, Sentence and Paragraph Writing Practice, and LetterFall.
  • Use Find a List to see if lists correlating to your core literature curriculum already exist; if not, you can easily and quickly create the list and assign it to your guided reading groups. Students can work on these assignments while you work with your guided reading groups.
  • Students can submit assignments electronically or you may use the printables option to generate worksheets based on many VocabularySpellingCity games and activities.
  • Printables can be used not only as handwriting practice but as spelling and/or vocabulary practice as well. Here is an example of a popular printable that teachers use for handwriting practice as well as to determine whether students are mastering words on their assigned lists.

Use VocabularySpellingCity to enhance Content Area vocabulary and spelling words:

  • Check out our Math Content Area lists, which are aligned to common core standards. Incorporate these topic-based lists into your math lessons to build vocabulary.
  • Assign games to individual students and groups that target their specific needs. Content area lists may be used for whole group activities and can even be customized according to students’ needs.
  • Enhance content area concept retention by pre-assigning words and activities to help build background knowledge for upcoming topics.
  • Enrich your Social Studies curriculum with our grade-leveled word lists.. VSC provides an easy way to meet state standards while providing students with exciting content and stimulating games.
  • VocabularySpellingCity has available Science vocabulary lists, grades K-12, which are aligned to national and state standards and categorized not only by grade level, but by NSTA’s Big Ideas as well. Use the lists provided or use our grade level resource pages to create your own lists correlating to your current curriculum.

“Research has shown that engaging computer assisted instruction (CAI) has positive effects on student performance.”
Many of the examples mentioned above are available through the Premium Membership.