Printing Issues

Printable versions are available of many of VocabularySpellingCity’s games and activities. If you are having issues printing these worksheets, please consult the FAQs below.

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Common FAQs

I am unable to see the worksheet when I make my selection from the Printable Worksheets menu. Why not?

Chances are, the printable worksheet has opened in a new browser window. If you still cannot see the worksheet or if the window is blank, please try updating Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download the latest version by clicking here.

The type size is too small to read on the worksheet. Is there a way to increase it so it’s easier to read?

Small type size is often the result of the program adjusting to accommodate longer sentences and definitions. If you find that the font size appears too small, try customizing the sentences and/or definitions for your word list, shortening the length of any that are particularly long. After saving your list, try creating a new printable worksheet. The type size should adjust accordingly.