Premium Member Overview


Purchasing a Premium Membership is like getting the key to VocabularySpellingCity!

What does Premium Membership have to offer?

  • Automated Grading and Progress Tracking – Allows student logins for record keeping. (Learn more)
  • Personal Student Lists – Students can save their own word lists. (Learn more)
  • Review Lists – Create class or individual review lists based on students’ test scores. (Learn more)
  • Assignments – The ability to create custom assignments for students. (Learn more)
  • Writing – Access to writing practice activities and instructional videos. (Learn more)
  • Grouping – For organization of students and lists. (Learn more)
  • License Sharing – Ability to share purchased licenses with other teachers. (Learn more)
  • Premium Learning Activities – Access to more than twice the number of free games and activities.

A Premium Membership makes a great gift! To purchase a Premium Membership for your child’s teacher, please call our office at 800-357-2157.

Common FAQs

Can I sign up for a free trial of Premium Membership?

Yes, we offer a free 30-day trial for teachers (trial includes 35 student licenses). (Learn more)

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes, we do accept purchase orders. When placing your order, simply select “Purchase Order/Check” as your method of payment.

I have only one child. Can I purchase a single license?

Our Family Premium Membership includes five student licenses and may be used for between one and five students. (Learn more)

I am a teacher and have fewer than/more than 25 students?

Teachers must purchase a minimum of 25 student licenses. If you have fewer than 25 students in your class, you can share your extra licenses with one other teacher. If you have more than 25 students, additional licenses may be purchased.