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Your children need to hear, read, pronounce, play with, and write words repeatedly in order to retain words in long-term memory. Our 40+ skill practice games and activities combine all these aspects of learning. Help support classroom efforts at home with VocabularySpellingCity.

  • Build Vocabulary
  • Improve Spelling
  • Increase Comprehension
  • Catch up, keep up, & stay ahead!
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Gameplay Makes Studying Fun

  • Use any word list to study vocabulary for improved results in any subject
  • Read, hear, sound out, & write words & sentences
  • Practice & repetition through games, activities, & tests
  • Get immediate feedback on all games & tests
  • Generate review lists from missed words
  • Promotes deep learning & retention, not just memorization
  • Play the games again and stay ahead!

"Dear SpellingCity, your program is amazing. Both our children and their classes use SpellingCity for the assignments. My children have made 100 percent improvement in their spelling since using it."

—Kimberly D., mom of two - North Carolina