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Spelling TestMe provides students with the opportunity to take a traditional spelling test independently and receive immediate feedback.

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Spelling TestMe Overview: The object of Spelling TestMe is to gauge students' ability to spell words correctly. This activity allows students to take practice and actual spelling tests online - directly on our site! This is a great activity to prepare for weekly spelling tests in school! Logged in students will be asked before the test whether it's a practice test or not (see graphic at right).

Spelling TestMe Instructions: Following the introduction, click in the blank space following number one. This will begin the test. Each word will be read, followed by a sentence using the word, then the word will be read a second time. Type the spelling word in the blank, then hit Enter or click the next blank to hear the next word. To hear any word repeated, click the blank for that word. When finished, click the Check Me! button to submit the test for automatic grading. You can then review your spelling words, retake the test, or print a report or certificate showing the results! Premium Member teachers can generate printable spelling test reports for their entire class.

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