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FlashCards provides students with the opportunity to see and hear each word spelled and then read aloud. In addition, students hear each word used in a contextually rich sentence.

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What? Word study is more than just spelling and vocabulary. More...Less

It encompasses studying a word at many levels and from many perspectives: letter sounds, spelling patterns, syllabication, definitions, parts of speech, synonyms, and antonyms. Knowing how to study is a skill, and having tools to help students study is important to their academic success. FlashCards are a tried and true study tool.

When? Whether learning spelling patterns or vocabulary words, students at every level benefit from word study. More...Less

From kindergarten to high school, students need to be explicitly and intentionally taught how to study. Teachers’ lesson plans should include tips and strategies for studying and reviewing content.

How to teach: FlashCards are a simple, yet highly effective, study tool. Depending what hints are placed on each side, students can review spelling and vocabulary words based on the attributes being tested. Our electronic version makes creating flashcards easy.

Play to learn: Before students review their flashcards, they can customize the attributes that will be displayed on the front and back of each card. More...Less

For example, students can choose to include an image, sentence, definition, synonyms, antonyms, letter sounds, syllables, or parts of speech.

Teaching Tip: Our virtual FlashCards allow students to study words in context, learn definitions, learn parts of speech, and more. Creating flashcards using word lists gives students a fun, interactive way to study for tests. Students can also print their flashcards and use them to study their vocabulary and spelling words.

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