District Management

District Account Administrators can create and manage accounts for teachers and students throughout their district. They can manage the account by themselves or designate an Account Administrator for each school within their district. District Account Administrators also have access to District Reports as well as individual School Reports, which provide data on teachers’ and students’ activity on VocabularySpellingCity. We are partnered with the Clever software platform, making it simple and secure for you to manage student data.

VocabularySpellingCity’s Implementation Team will assist in setting up district accounts and scheduling training for your staff.

District Account Administrators can download a Sample School/District CSV, which allows for a bulk upload of all teachers and students within a school, multiple schools or an entire district. Uploading this file will create accounts for teachers who are new to VocabularySpellingCity and grant Premium account access to existing VocabularySpellingCity members, create student accounts, and assign students to their teachers.

Setting up Your District Account

  1. Download Sample School/District CSV*
  2. Complete the template, following these guidelines and requirements.
  3. Save your completed file as a CSV.
  4. Email the CSV to implementation@spellingcity.com for upload.

Complimentary Professional Development Training is offered to all District Account Administrators and their teachers. To schedule a personalized live webinar, email training@spellingcity.com or call us at 800-357-2157. We also offer a number of training videos that may be viewed at your convenience.

If you are interested in becoming the administrator of your school’s or district’s VocabularySpellingCity account, please contact your account representative or VocabularySpellingCity’s Implementation Team by email at implementation@spellingcity.com or by phone at 800-357-2157.

Common FAQs

How do I add my teachers and students?

Simply follow the instructions above for Setting up Your District Account. VocabularySpellingCity’s Implementation Team will upload your file and set up accounts for your teachers and students.

Does VocabularySpellingCity offer Training?

Yes! We offer complimentary Professional Development Training in the form of a live webinar for all orders of 300 licenses or more. Our Professional Development Coordinator will educate you and your staff about our site and our app, and provide you with strategies for implementing VocabularySpellingCity in your district and incorporating it into your curriculum. To schedule a live webinar, please contact us at training@spellingcity.com or 800-357-2157.

I’m managing the account for a large district. Is there a way for me to appoint an Account Administrator at each school?

As an Account Administrator, you have the ability to assign administrative privileges to other registered teachers within your district. Generally one Account Administrator per school is recommended. To assign administrative privileges to another teacher, log into your account and on the Account Administration page under Account Overview, select the link titled “Assign Administrative Privileges”.