Colorado Kids

Colorado Kids

Colorado Kids is a weekly newspaper that features articles written for kids by kids! Sponsored by the Denver Post, this paper is written by youth reporters who have joined the newspaper’s journalism program where they research and write articles, and then work with an editor to get their articles published.

Teachers do not need to look any further than Colorado Kids for authentic text on topics students care about. These informative, engaging downloadable pdfs are designed for students in grades 4th through 8th to learn about the world around them. It is the perfect compliment to any literacy program.

A Partnership for Success

VocabularySpellingCity offers students a fun way to independently practice the vocabulary words from each edition’s articles. Effortlessly reinforce vocabulary and spelling instruction with our pre-made word lists for each article.

Register to import and pair these, and other grade-level and subject-specific word lists, with over 40 learning activities. Repeated spaced word study practice helps students to remember words and then apply meaning to other texts.

Help students keep up, catch up, or stay ahead with VocabularySpellingCity

  • Target vocabulary instruction with actionable data
  • Create an effective vocabulary retention cycle
  • Import our ready-made lists or create your own
  • Assign word study to groups or individuals
  • Customize assignments and word lists
  • Progress report for improved parent-teacher conversations

Weekly Word Lists

Import each week's word lists and easily differentiate instruction with customizable assignments.
Looking for more? check out our teaching resources and other state-specific resources for the classroom. Make vocabulary instruction fun while promoting deep learning.

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