Growing up in a military base, I remember my dad decked out in his camouflage fatigues and black boots. At four years old, I didn’t fully comprehend what his job entailed. Did he jump out of a plane with a flimsy parachute like those plastic army toys? Or did he drive an olive green tank over rough terrain? Even in my confusion, I understood his job was honorable. I would proudly proclaim, “My dad is a soldier!” My father served in the U.S. army.

Over a million men and women are active duty members of the U.S. armed forces. Every year on Veterans Day, we commemorate the sacrifices and efforts made by those who have served or currently serving in the military.

As an educator or a parent, it is important to teach children about the real life heroes who have fought to preserve our freedom. Honor U.S. heroes today, or any day, with the following writing activities using Veterans Day words.

  • Thank You Letter 

    Have children show their gratitude by writing a Thank You letter or card. Several organizations, like A Million Thanks, collect and send letters and cards to those currently serving in the military.

  • Poem

    Children can pen a poem with Veterans Day words. Ask kids to create an acrostic poem or a haiku. You can also allow children to choose their poem format, such as a free verse poem.

  • Word Ladder 

    Word Ladders are a game where you guide children to transform one word into another, making a series of words by , adding, subtracting, or rearranging one or more letters in the previous word. Word Ladders will be featured in next month’s post, written by guest blogger Tim Rasinski. Take a look at the following Veterans Day word ladder! 

    • Start with the word Soldier, a member of the army.
    • Soldier – Subtract 3 letters to make the past tense of sell.
    • Sold –  Subtract 1 more letter to make the opposite of young.
    • Old – Add 1 letter to the beginning to make a word that is a characteristic of soldiers.
    • Bold – Change 1 letter to make a word that describes a person who has no hair on the top of their head.
    • Bald – Change 1 letter to make a word for a round object often used in sports.
    • Ball – Change 1 letter to make a word that describes money that is used to allow a prisoner to leave jail before their trial.
    • Bail – Change 1 letter to make a word for a space used to hold people accused or convicted of a crime.
    • Jail – Change 1 letter to make a body part that dogs wag when they are happy or excited.
    • Tail – Change 1 letter to make a word for the part of a boat that catches the wind and allows it to move.
    • Sail –  Add 2 letters to make a word that is the name for a member of the navy.
    • Sailor
Take time to commemorate those who served.  
Happy Veterans Day! 

Helping Children Honor Veterans Day

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