Spelling Practice Made Easy

  • Perfect fit for Literacy Centres
  • Builds Vocabulary Skills and Improves Spelling
  • Engages Students through Gameplay
  • Proven Effective for Thousands of Classrooms Worldwide

Australian Voice Feature

Your students can now hear, see, break down, & play with words in their native accent with our Australian voice feature. Play the video to learn how.

  • Built-in words and definitions support several English regions
  • English regions include the US, UK, Australia, & New Zealand
  • Create your own spelling lists with definitions
  • Help us improve: suggest words to add to our database

Easy-to-Use Tools for Teachers

vocabulary game screenshot

Effortlessly reinforce vocabulary and spelling instruction with:

  • Game-based literacy centre activities
  • Word lists aligned to curriculum and standards
  • Automated testing and grading to track student progress
  • Generated student reports

Fun & Effective Spelling Practice

student records and grades

Over 40 learning activities give students the spaced, repeated practice that promotes deep learning and is proven to increase retention - all while having fun!

  • Engaging and interactive spelling practice
  • Repetition through games, activities, & practice tests
  • Immediate feedback helps students gain confidence and build word knowledge
  • Review lists based on students' progress

Proven to Increase Vocabulary Retention

students haveving fun while learning

Independent research shows that VocabularySpellingCity significantly impacts student reading comprehension and vocabulary retention.

  • 43% increase in vocabulary retention scores
  • 21.5% increase in reading comprehension for English speakers
  • 46.5% increase in reading comprehension for EAL/D

Engages and Motivates Students

Our interactive learning games build student success.

  • Immediate feedback allows for independent learning
  • Builds self-motivation and confidence
  • Self-learning with student-created lists
  • Accessible anywhere, on any device

Teacher Satisfaction

"VocabularySpellingCity became an essential component of the spelling program because all the activities and games were relevant to the students' spelling lists. The children enjoyed the experience. I had no difficulty generating my spelling lists, adjusting word meanings, publishing lists and removing lists from view. When I needed assistance, VocabularySpellingCity was quick to respond"

- Sheryl Greaves, teacher, Education Queensland, Australia (TrustPilot review)

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