Audio Problems

The ability to hear words and sentences spoken aloud is an important feature of VocabularySpellingCity. If you are having trouble hearing the audio on the site, please make sure that your speakers are connected properly and the volume is not set to “Mute.” If you confirm that this isn’t the issue, please consult the FAQs below for a solution.

Common FAQs

My speakers are working properly, yet I’m unable to hear any audio (music or words) on VocabularySpellingCity. What can I do?

Please try updating Adobe Flash Player on your computer. To download the latest version of Flash, please click here.
After updating Flash, please shut down the computer and reboot after a few minutes.

On the Spelling Test, I can hear “Get ready for the test…,” but I cannot hear the words or sentences being spoken aloud. How can I fix this?

The audio that you are able to hear is Flash-based, whereas the audio that you are unable to hear is an MP3 file. Some school networks are set to block MP3 files. Please contact your school’s IT department and request they designate as an approved site for MP3 files.

The audio isn’t working properly while using the iPad/iPhone app. How can I fix this?

A strong internet connection is required for optimal performance of our app. A loss of connectivity or poor signal strength may affect the audio used on the games.