Welcome Letters to Get Started

Teachers, sending home a welcome letter to your students and their families is a great way to get started with VocabularySpellingCity. We offer editable welcome letters in English and Spanish. Most teachers print the letter, copy it, and send it home with their students. Alternately, the letter can be emailed home as a PDF attachment.

We also suggest using your message area on your homepage to post daily/weekly assignments for your students. When logged in, you can edit that message through the My Homepage link in your Teacher Toolbox.

    Welcome Letter for Premium Members:

  • Log into your Premium account and follow the instructions below for creating a batch of welcome letters customized with each student’s username and password.
    1. Select Students from your Premium Teacher Toolbox.
    2. Select the printer icon.
    3. Select Print Student Welcome Letter Home.
    4. Make your selections, adding instructions and a signature if you wish. Click Print.
  • Or

  • Use a welcome letter offered on this page.

With a classroom Premium Membership, students have access to Premium games, with more than 35 learning activities in all. Teachers have access to tools for individualized personal learning with automated testing and grading of spelling and vocabulary tests.