2nd Grade Spelling Word List 5

Lead second grade students to spelling success with second grade spelling word lists. Pair second grade spelling lists with various learning games and activities to provide students with second grade spelling practice. Our interactive second grade games and activities allow students to hear, see, play with, and break down second grade spelling words to ensure spelling words are retain into long term memory.

Available second grade spelling lists include common second grade words to help second grade students achieve spelling mastery. The table below features second grade spelling words.

2nd Grade Spelling Word List 5

Word Part of Speech Definition Sentence
duck noun a water bird with a bill that quacks The duck quacked and swam in the lake.
dump noun dumping ground for refuse We take our trash to the dump or junkyard.
dust noun tiny and powdery particles Dust and dirt have collected on the old book.
dye verb to change the color of something We will dye the eggs bright colors.
every adjective each and all parts of a group I brush my teeth every night before I go to sleep.
everyone pronoun all persons or all people I invited everyone in my class so nobody would feel left out.
everywhere adverb in every place I looked everywhere, but still couldn’t find it.
eye noun one of two body parts used to see She wears a contact lens in her left eye to help her see clearly.
family noun related persons or things I am the youngest grandchild in my family.
fast adjective swift or rapid The winning racehorse is very fast.

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