2nd Grade Spelling Word List 4

Cover key second grade spelling patterns with our second grade spelling word lists. Our second grade spelling word lists feature common second grade spelling words. Pair and assign spelling words with second grade games and activities to provide students with second grade spelling practice.

Available second grade spelling lists include the second grade beginning spelling curriculum. This curriculum focuses on building foundational spelling skills and word recognition through exposure to second grade spelling words and second grade high-frequency words. Below are a list of second grade spelling words.

2nd Grade Spelling Word List 4

Word Part of Speech Definition Sentence
flap verb to swing back and forth or up and down The bird will flap its wings.
trap verb to catch and retain an animal or person Can you trap the escaped bird in a cage?
hat noun an article of clothing worn on top of the head I wore a pointed party hat on my head.
that pronoun referring to something or someone somewhat far That is my big sister over there.
drag verb to pull with difficulty or great effort I will drag the heavy box behind me.
twin noun one of a pair born at the same time, a copy My identical twin and I look alike.
ship noun a vessel that travels by air or sea or space The ship was sailing at noon.
whip verb to beat with a whisk or other instrument I whip the cream to make it fluffy.
clip verb to separate, cut, or trim Clip the roses but do not cut the daisies.
thin adjective very narrow or slim, not wide across The thin paper can slip under the door.

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