2nd Grade Spelling Word List 3

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2nd Grade Spelling Word List 3

Word Part of Speech Definition Sentence
scared verb frightened or made anxious He scared me by hiding and yelling.
sank verb became submerged or dropped lower The boat sank to the bottom of the sea.
carrying verb holding or transporting something The students were carrying heavy backpacks.
bravely adverb full of courage The courageous boy bravely saved the girl.
upset adjective bothered or disturbed in an emotional way I am sad and upset that my dog ran away.
background noun the scenery located behind something The trees behind her are in the background.
breath noun the air inhaled and exhaled when breathing My breath smells bad when I eat onions.
probably adverb in a possible manner I will probably be late because of traffic.
calm adjective peaceful or relaxed An antonym for calm is excited.
mumbled verb spoke or uttered unclearly The boy mumbled, so I couldn’t understand him.

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