2nd Grade Spelling Word List 2

Access importable second grade spelling word lists to supplement second grade spelling lessons. Choose from a variety of second grade spelling word lists to pair with second grade learning games and activities. Our interactive word games provide students with the second grade spelling word practice needed to achieve spelling mastery.

Word lists cover key concepts from the second grade spelling curriculum, including compound words. The following second grade spelling list features common second grade compound words.

2nd Grade Spelling Word List 2

Word Part of Speech Definition Sentence
suntan noun darkened skin pigment from solar exposure I got a suntan on my arms this summer.
notebook noun binder or writing tablet I write my assignment in my notebook.
inside preposition in a position within something I stay inside my house when it storms.
myself pronoun referring to me or I, often with emphasis I wrote it by myself; no one helped me.
outside adverb in the open air We like to go outside to play in the yard.
birdhouse noun small home designed for feathered creatures He built a birdhouse for the robins.
homework noun project or lesson assigned outside of school I did my math homework after school.
birthday noun the date on which a person is born He will be one year older on his birthday.
without preposition in the absence of I cannot see without my glasses.
something pronoun an unspecified object There was something unknown inside the box.

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