2nd Grade Spelling Word List 1

Help second grade students master must-know second grade spelling words with second grade spelling lists. Access second grade spelling lists and pair with interactive learning games for engaging second grade spelling practice. Our second grade learning games and activities provide students with repeated exposure to second grade spelling words, which help build word knowledge and achieve spelling success.

Available second grade spelling word lists include second grade Dolch sight words, featured below.

2nd Grade Spelling Word List 1

Word Part of Speech Definition Sentence
always adverb all of the time, at any time or every time It is always dark at night and never light.
around preposition following a circular course I walked around and around the circular pond.
because conjunction since or for the reason that I like my friends because they are fun.
been verb visited, experienced or attended Have you been to the zoo?
before adverb earlier than something else The day before Friday is Thursday.
best adjective of the greatest quality Her best work was the most excellent of all.
both adjective including one and the other Both twins were equally happy.
buy verb to pay for something We need money to buy ice cream at the store.
call verb use a phone to communicate Please call me on the phone.
cold adjective not warm in temperature A refrigerator keeps things cold and chilly.

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