2017 Pricing

Our Premium Membership Price is Changing

On Wednesday, February 15, prices for VocabularySpellingCity Classroom Premium Membership will rise to $59.95 annually – still less than $2.25/student. We’re giving you advance notice so you can renew in the remaining days at the current price.

If your students play one of our fun learning games and activities every day before February 15, the class still won’t have played them all. We’re excited about how much we’ve grown, all the new features and improvements we’re continually adding, and our big plans for the future.

It’s all for you. We love teachers and schools, and relish being such a great value to you. We’re sure you’ll love us even more when you see what we have in store!

Renew before February 15 to take advantage of our current pricing ($52.95).

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for including us in your learning circle. We look forward to continued success with you and your students!