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VocabularySpellingCity is a unique word study tool for busy teachers. From the traditional word study exercise, Flashcards, to a host of online activities and offline worksheets, it is all there for you to either assign or print. You simply need to select a word list, either by entering the words yourself or by using one of the thousands of ready-made word lists available to you. Your students will learn their words by hearing them spoken in context-rich sentences in interactive games online. You can also give spelling and vocabulary tests directly on the site.

Learning Vocabulary: An Essential Skill

VocabularySpellingCity helps teachers give students the verbal tools they need every step of the way, from kindergarten through high school. In fact, through our grade-level interactive vocabulary games, students practice the words they need to meet the Common Core State Standards. Their practice will help them prepare for state standardized tests, SATs and ACTs.

Import Vocabulary Lists to Your Account and Customize Them

Did you know that you can import ready-made VocabularySpellingCity word lists to your account when you register for free? Then your students can use your lists for online practice with vocabulary games, activities, and drills. Premium Membership allows access to even more games and to online scoring and record keeping.

Vocabulary Building Through Practice and Play

Click on the links below to see examples of how VocabularySpellingCity allows students to see, hear, write, and play with their assigned vocabulary words. With these vocabulary learning techniques, learning is fast and fun!


Subject Level Topic Game Type Online Game Printable
Math High School Trigonometry Flashcards Play a Sample Game Print
Science Grade 7 Space Science Sentence Unscramble Play a Sample Game Print
Social Studies Grade 8 Examining History Word Search Play a Sample Game n/a
Reading / Literature High School Pride and Prejudice Crossword Puzzle Play a Sample Game Print
Geography High School States Alphabetize Play a Sample Game Print
Dolch Sight Words Grades K-2 did, want, are, yes, too, well, etc. HangMouse Play a Sample Game n/a
Phonics Kindergarten "wo" & "wa" families Audio Word Match Play a Sample Game n/a
Analogies Elementary mixed types MatchIt Sentences Play a Sample Game Print
Noun Plurals Grades K - 2 irregular plurals with internal changes LetterFall Play a Sample Game n/a
Capitonyms Middle School Turkey, turkey WhichWord - Definitions Play a Sample Game Print
Compound Words Grade 4 flashlight, password, dragonfly, etc. Word Search Play a Sample Game n/a
Contractions Grade 2 using "not" MatchIt Sentences Play a Sample Game Print
Sound Alike Words Middle School prays, preys, praise Missing Letter Play a Sample Game n/a
Figurative Language High School idioms WhichWord - Sentences Play a Sample Game Print
Homophones, Homonyms, Homographs Grade 5 oft-confused words Word-O-Rama Play a Sample Game Print
Synonyms & Antonyms Middle School antonym practice MatchIt Definitions Play a Sample Game Print
Possessive Nouns Grades 3-5 boys, boy's, boys' MatchIt Sentences Play a Sample Game Print
Verb Tenses Grade 4 regular verbs, present and past WhichWord - Sentences Play a Sample Game Print
Parts of Speech Grade 8 Sound Alike Words WhichWord - Parts of Speech Play a Sample Game Print

Writing Activities as Word Study

In addition to word study games and activities, VocabularySpellingCity provides printable and online writing activities for use with vocabulary word lists. Sentence Writing and Paragraph Writing activities can be completed online or printed out for the whole class. You can also print out Handwriting Practice Sheets for your lists. Before you print choose features such as type of writing (print or cursive) and the size of the words.

Vocabulary Learning Strategies

Word study is most successful when students encounter information in a variety of ways. VocabularySpellingCity provides the needed variety in vocabulary learning strategies, using interactive vocabulary games, vocabulary worksheets, auditory and visual vocabulary drills. Learning vocabulary words in this thorough yet enjoyable way means students retain new words and expand their vocabulary.

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