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Teachers, parents, and students alike love VSC!

From the time of our inception, VocabularySpellingCity has both welcomed and encouraged feedback from our users.
Here are just a few of the compliments we have received over the years!

I absolutely have fallen in love with Spelling City. What an amazing tool for students, parents and teachers. It truly makes learning fun and all of my students use the site here at school on a weekly basis. I was surprised to hear from the students that the majority of them are using the site at home as well. So, I say thank you to you, and the entire Spelling City team. You are making a difference.

~ J.T. - Teacher

Thank you for all the help that your website has given my kids. Now they are getting all 100%s.

~ E.F. - Parent

Thank you all very much. Your hard work and dedication makes our lives easier and improves the educational experience for our kids. They love your site ;-)

~ M.B. - Parent

Your site provides me the opportunity to provide modifications and reinforcement for my students at school and while they are at home. With school budgets being cut, it is helpful to have a free resource that works! Keep up the good work.

~ J.S. - Teacher

I just wanted to thank you for all the great work you are doing. I have seen my son succeed in school because he uses your site. He is a kid who needs lots of practice, and you give it to him in a fun and creative way. From a mom/teacher, many thanks! Also, at every opportunity I get, I promote your website. It is especially helpful for kids, like my son, who have ADHD. A friend of mine originally started on your site to help her son with ADHD to work on spelling (a difficult subject for him). Shortly after using Spelling City she told me that her 3 children would fight over the computer to get a turn on Spelling City. If only reaching kids in the classroom could be this easy! Please keep up the good work!

~ C.H. – Parent/Teacher

Your site is so versatile and useful. I can use parts of it for my lowest special ed students, and my students who are higher-functioning (my lab students) just love it! So do I!

~ B.P. - Teacher

I love Spelling City so much! I work as a district Instructional Technology Specialist, so I'm not in a classroom right now, but I do work with teachers as they strive to incorporate technology into their lessons. In addition, I will be teaching a graduate course this fall on Integrating Technology. Spelling City will definitely be one of the websites I will highlight. Thanks for all the fabulous work you all do!!!

~ C.M. – I.T.

I've been using Spelling City for years now with my classes, but I experienced something special yesterday because of your website. I teach a 4/5 combo and have a student with severe A.D.H.D., and Emotional Impairment and very low self esteem. I work with this student one on one every day after school. Every day is a struggle with meltdowns and defiance to avoid work, but yesterday was a breakthrough. I put my student on Spelling City in the "Teach Me" section, and he started spelling the words and sentences with the speaker! After that, he actually wanted to do more so I took the student into the "Games" section and he happily played the game until it was time to go. No fighting, no attitude, no destruction, no avoidance, no crying - wow!

I suggested he could use this every day for practice and he excitedly agreed. This may not seem like a big deal but it's HUGE for this student! I just want to say thank you for creating an educational product that helps the most challenging of students actually want to learn! Keep up the great work. You guys have a fantastic website. From the bottom of my heart!

~ C.G. - Teacher

I use the free version of spellingcity regularly and I see so many benefits to it. My scores have gone up in spelling and reading. The kids are excited about spelling and vocabulary in ways they weren't before. So I checked out your premium membership and you suggest signing up for an Adopt-A-Classroom account to help fund the license. I set one up last week and put the Adopt-A-Classroom widget on our classroom blog and today, we were given funding for the premium membership! I cannot thank you enough for the suggestion and now I will always have the account available to purchase further resources. I cannot wait to use my premium membership as the success so far with your website has been phenomenal.

~ E.U. - Teacher

I just wanted to take a moment as a Parent to express my joy in seeing our son's (who is a 3rd grader) spelling and vocabulary improve using Spelling City. I learned of Spelling City via a mom's testimonial in Essence Magazine Aug 2011 and after one FREE try on the site, our son perked up. It's interactive, encourages w/rewards, and fun. It was our son that asked if we could become "members" and that spoke volumes to us. We share it w/teachers, friends, and other parents. Continue making a difference.

~ E.P. - Parent

I just wanted you to know that I have been a teacher for 19 years. I have been using SpellingCity for a little over a year now. I love it and so do my students. I have had students who have always struggled with spelling and using SpellingCity has helped them tremendously. I had a student who had been getting F's in Spelling and after I started using SpellingCity, they started getting A's. Thank you! I hope many people are able to use this program to help students become better spellers, writers and to help with vocabulary as well.

~ M.M. - Teacher

I'd like to thank you for the wonderful site you have. My daughter is in 3rd grade and has never scored a perfect score for spelling at school. We found your site last year and we've been slugging along. Somewhere in the past few months, we upgraded to the Premium Membership. On her second spelling list in her new 3rd grade class, my daughter received a perfect score and got on her classroom's Super Speller Roster. She was so happy, she cried. When I picked her up from school today, she told me the great news and on our commute home, she started crying and quipped that she was so happy that she couldn't understand why she was crying. I said she worked extremely hard over the weekend and told her that when we watched the Olympics and saw those gold medal winners cry, it's because they worked so hard for this one moment and things did work out and they won! So, I told her that she also worked super hard over the weekend and everything worked out just fine and it's okay to cry when you've sacrificed so much and things turn out like they should in your wildest dreams.

~ J.S. - Parent

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much our class LOVES SpellingCity! Thank you for providing a site that gives the kids an interactive, engaging way of learning new vocabulary. We use SpellingCity to practice our spelling words and all of our unit vocabulary words across the curriculum. This site is easy, fun, and much appreciated!

~ L.K. - Teacher

I just wanted to report that the student who won my end-of-the-year spelling bee was not one of my better spellers at the beginning of the school year, but she logged more time than any other student on the website. She logged in 460 activities on SpellingCity this past year and it really paid off. She progressed two years of spelling in one year, going from level 6.3 at the beginning of the year to level 8.4 at the end. Wow!

~ S.R. - Teacher

Also, be sure to check out our Fan Videos! We love to receive feedback from our users! Do you have something you'd like to share? If so, please e-mail us at info@spellingcity.com. Your comments might end up on our Testimonials page someday!
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