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  • Effective For All Learners
  • Multi-Week Study Cycle
  • Automated Testing, Grading
  • Supports Standards
See how VocabularySpellingCity works:

Research-Based, Improves Retention

With VocabularySpellingCity, teachers can implement the research-based vocabulary learning techniques that lead to word retention and improved reading comprehension.

The proven learning methods for long-term vocabulary retention are multiple word encounters, multiple modalities, a multi-week study cycle, and context rich integrated word study. Vocabulary, spelling, phonics, and writing activities are standards-aligned and can be used with any vocabulary set. More than 35 interacitve, engaging activities allow students to read, hear, speak, write, break down, and play with words.

VocabularySpellingCity provides the tools, resources, and training for easy implementation.

Enables Differentiated Instruction

Student achievement is highest when learning is geared toward individual level and ability, yet teachers often are not given the tools that enable differentiated instruction.

VocabularySpellingCity provides those tools for personalizing instruction through custom assignments, custom word lists, and the ability to create personal review lists based on each student’s progress. A Teacher Dashboard makes class assignments, reports, and customizable settings accessible in one place, and shows real-time data on tests and overall student activity.

Games and activities are designed to benefit all students: general education, ESE, ELL, struggling, and Gifted & Talented.

Our activities allow students to work independently at their own pace. Practice tests provide students with immediate feedback, identifying words that need extra attention.


Easy for Teachers and Students

Word lists from the major Reading Programs — Words Their Way, Journeys, Wonders, and Reading Street — are available for use on VocabularySpellingCity. Teachers can easily create their own lists to fit in any curriculum or literacy block.

Automated testing and grading, student progress tracking, individualized lists and assignments give teachers productivity tools that free up class and planning time.

Automatically generated reports allow teachers and account administrators to see usage of VocabularySpellingCity, along with individual students’ activities and test results, including time on task and any missed words. Parents have access to their children’s records when the students are logged in.

Live online and video training sessions are available. Our client services team provides account implementation support.

Accessible Anywhere

Students can use VocabularySpellingCity at school, at home, or on the go. Whether students log in on a computer, tablet, or smartphone, their activities and progress will be recorded.

Teacher Satisfaction

“VocabularySpellingCity's immediate feedback is one of the keys to my students' success. They don't have to wait for me to correct their work to know which words require additional practice.”

— Ann Godsea, 5th grade teacher, Estero, FL


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