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Teacher vs. Parent FAQ

Administrative privileges are no different whether you are registered as a parent or a teacher. The only difference is that parents may only purchase Family Premium Memberships, while teachers may only purchase Classroom Premium Memberships.

Premium Membership upgrades are determined by your current registration. Teachers will be prompted to purchase classroom memberships for 25 or more students at $49.99 and parents may purchase family packages for $29.99 for up to five students.

Common FAQs - Teacher vs. Parent

I'm a homeschool parent, should I register as a teacher?

There is no difference in administrative privileges between parents and teachers. Teachers may associate themselves with a school, but since we do not list homeschools in our database, it is best to register as a parent. You will have an opportunity to select that you are a homeschooler. Registering as a parent will also allow you the option of purchasing a family Premium Membership, which includes five student licenses.
I have only one child, can I purchase a single student license?

No. The minimum purchase for a family is a Family Premium Membership, which may be used for between one and five children. The cost is $29.99.

If I purchase a Family Premium Membership for my child to use, will he be able to access his teacher's word lists and use them to play Premium games? If so, will his activity be recorded for his teacher?

If you are a Premium Member, you can import your child's teacher's word lists into your own account so that he can practice his words using the Premium games; however, your child's activity will not be recorded for his teacher. Keep in mind that for just $20 more ($49.99), you can purchase a Classroom Premium Membership for your child's teacher, which would give all students in the class access to everything VocabularySpellingCity has to offer and all student activity will be recorded for the teacher. If you are interested in purchasing a gift Premium Membership, call us at 954-357-1150,.

I mistakenly registered as a teacher, but I am a parent. How can I purchase a Family Premium Membership?

Only users registered as parents may purchase Family Premium Memberships (up to five students for $29.99). Please note that parents may not purchase additional individual student licenses. A Classroom Premium Membership includes 25 student licenses for $49.99 and additional student licenses may be purchased for $1.95 each. To change your status from a teacher to a parent, you must contact VocabularySpellingCity by emailing us at info@spellingcity.com or calling us at 954-357-1150.

I am a teacher and have children of my own, can I open two accounts - one as a parent and one as a teacher?

Yes, you may open multiple accounts, but you must do so using different email addresses and usernames.

Premium Members have the ability to group lists and students, which may eliminate the need for a second account. However, you are free to open more than one account, if you wish.

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