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Toolbox FAQ

Once your account has been confirmed, upon logging in, you will notice a Toolbox in the upper right-hand corner of each VocabularySpellingCity page. A brief overview will be given below for each of the links in your Toolbox, followed by a list of frequently asked questions. Note: You must be logged in to see your Toolbox.

My Homepage

This links to your personal homepage. This is where your students or children will go to find your saved lists. We recommend that you bookmark this page on your classroom computers and share the URL with your students' parents to bookmark on their home computers as well.

Edit Profile

This is where you can change any personal information on your account. You can change the way your name appears on your homepage; change your username, password, or email address; edit the message that appears on your homepage for your students and their parents; customize the links that appear on your homepage; and customize the instructions for your writing practice activities. If your account is associated with a school, you can change that too!

List Management

This is where all members can create, save, edit, publish or unpublish, and delete lists. Premium Members have the added benefits of grouping lists and adjusting list visibility for students as well. Specific FAQs regarding List Management are covered here.

Assignments (PM)

This is where Premium Members can create assignments for individual students, groups or an entire class. They can also view their students' assignmenment progress. Basic (free) members can upgrade to Premium by clicking here. Specific FAQs regarding Assignments are covered here.

Students (PM)

This is where Premium Members can create, manage and edit students' accounts; print welcome letters; and view students' activities. Basic (free) members can also upgrade to Premium by clicking here. Specific FAQs regarding Students are covered here.

Test Results (PM)

This is where Premium Members can view students' spelling and vocabulary test grades and print reports. Basic (free) members can also upgrade to Premium by clicking here. Specific FAQs regarding Test Results are covered here.

Writing (PM)

This is where Premium Members can view and grade their students' writing practice activities and customize Sentence Writing Practice and Paragraph Writing Practice instructions for their students.Specific FAQs regarding Writing are covered here.

Premium Membership & Licenses (non-PM) or Licenses & Orders (PM)

Non-members can upgrade to Premium Membership by clicking Premium Membership & Licenses. Premium Members can manage their account from the Licenses & Orders link. From here, they can view current and previous orders, check the expiration date of their licenses, purchase additional licenses, renew their order, or share licenses with other teachers. Specific FAQs regarding Premium Membership & Licenses are covered here.

Account Administration (Administrators only)

Premium Members who have been appointed as the administrator for their school's account (as well as teachers who have been granted administrative privileges by the account administrator) will see this option in their Administrator Toolbox. This is the place where they can manage their school's account, share licenses with teachers, and add students via a Student Bucket Upload.


Common FAQs - Toolbox

Why can't I see my Toolbox?

If you cannot see your Toolbox, you are not logged into your account. To log in, click the blue Login button in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
How can I upgrade to Premium Membership?

It is easy to upgrade your free account to Premium from within your Toolbox. Simply select Premium Membership & Licenses and complete the order form. It is that easy!

I just changed my school, so why is my former school is still appearing on my homepage?

Please note that changes to your profile often do not appear instantly. It can take anywhere from several minutes to several hours for the changes that you make using Edit Profile to appear on your homepage.

I don't want my first name to appear on my homepage for my students to see. How can I change that?

Simply change your first name in Edit Profile to the title (Ms., Mrs., Mr., etc.) you wish to appear before your last name on your homepage.
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