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Account Administrators can upload and manage students.

To add or manage student accounts, log into your account and select Account Administration from your Administrator Toolbox. Next to the school whose students you wish to manage, select Manage Students. Each school should have their own Student Bucket.

To create student accounts, select Upload Students and select Sample CSV. Enter student data into the file and save it as a CSV. A few tips:

  • DO NOT remove or adjust the headings.
  • The Student UID is the same as the Student Username.
  • All fields EXCEPT student email address, student parent name and student parent email address are required
    • Please note that we support Google Signal Sign On when your upload includes the students' SSO email addresses.
  • Once a file has been uploaded, you have the option to group the students and name your Student Buckets.
  • Once students have been uploaded to Student Buckets, they can be assigned to teachers.

If you would like assistance with your upload or if you would like for us to upload your students for you, please email your completed CSV file(s) to info@spellingcity.com or call us at 800-357-2157 for assistance.

To assign students to a teacher, the administrator must be sharing licenses with the teacher and students must have been uploaded to Student Buckets. Next to each teachers name on the Account Administration page, you will see the option to Assign/Manage. Click this link to select the students* you wish to assign to each teacher or remove from his/her class.

*Red student usernames within Assign/Manage indicate that they are currently assigned to a teacher. Students can be assigned to multiple teachers.

Common FAQs

I'm getting an error message when I try to upload my CSV file. What should I do?

Email your CSV student file to info@spellingcity.com, and we'll handle the upload for you!

How do I edit students within the bucket?

Select Manage Students, click the red arrow next to each bucket name to open the group, and then click Edit next to each account you wish to edit.

Some of my teachers have already added students to their accounts, is this an issue?

No, but students not added through Account Administration cannot be shared by multiple teachers, nor can they be promoted to the next grade within our system. We suggest that if no student data has been recorded, have the teacher delete the accounts for the students that were added manually. Then, you can create new accounts for the students through Account Administration.

At the end of the school year, do I need to delete all students and complete a new upload in the fall?

To have your students promoted to the next grade level, please contact Support at 800-357-2157 or info@spellingcity.com and we will take care of this for you.

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