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Account Administrators have the ability to upload Student Rosters and manage student accounts.

Options for Creating Student Accounts:

  1. Recommended for Districts and Large School Accounts (300+ licenses) - VocabularySpellingCity's Implementation Team can assist with a bulk upload of all teachers and students in your school and/or district. To learn more about the School/District Upload, visit our District Management FAQs.
  2. Recommended for School Accounts having fewer than 300 licenses - Account Administrators can use our Student Roster Upload to create student accounts. From there, they can either.
    • Manually assign students to their classroom teacher OR
    • Teachers can select students from the uploaded Student Roster.
  3. Teachers can log in and enter their students into their own accounts (Not recommended).

Uploading a Student Roster

To get started managing your account, log into your account and upload a Student Roster to create accounts for your students. Read More

Assigning Students to Teachers

After uploading Student Rosters, you can now assign students to their teachers. Read More

If you would like assistance with your upload or if you would like for us to upload your students for you, please email your completed CSV file(s) to info@spellingcity.com or call us at 800-357-2157 for assistance.

Common FAQs

I'm getting an error message when I try to upload my CSV file. What should I do?

Make sure that your file meets the criteria listed here. The most common cause for upload errors is the presence of spaces and/or special characters within the file. If you continue to have trouble, please email your CSV student file to implementation@spellingcity.com, and we will review your data for possible errors. We can also complete the upload for you, if you’d like.

How do I edit students within the Student Roster?

Select Manage Students, Then, click the red arrow next to each Student Roster name to open the group, and then select Edit next to each account you wish to edit. You can also double-click on the student’s name to edit inline.

Some of my teachers have already added students to their accounts, is this an issue?

We strongly recommend that Account Administrators use the Student Roster Upload to create student accounts. Students added by their individual teachers cannot be shared by multiple teachers, and this process can also lead to licensing issues. If the students have not completed activities, we suggest having the teacher delete those students’ accounts, thus freeing up the licenses to allow them to be uploaded via the Student Roster CSV.

Why have numbers been added to some students' usernames. Is there a way to prevent this?

Student usernames must be unique to our system. For large accounts, we offer the option of activating a School Code. When this feature is in place, student usernames only need to be unique to the school's account. Students will be required to log in on the school's VocabularySpellingCity homepage on the web when a School Code has been activated, and they will be required to enter the school code when logging in on our apps on mobile devices. To activate a School Code for your school, please contact implementation@spellingcity.com or call us at 800-357-2157 for assistance.

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