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Student Bucket Overview

If you are the administrator of your school's or district's VocabularySpellingCity account, we recommend that you use our Student Bucket Upload to create accounts for the students in your school and/or district. Creating student accounts via this method allows multiple teachers to share students and makes it easy to transfer students from one class or one grade to the next without losing data or creating new accounts. Student buckets can be added from the Account Administration page, accessible from the Administrator Toolbox.

Add Student Buckets

Account administrators have the option of uploading all students in a school or district in a single, convenient upload. This is known as a Student Bucket. Select Sample CSV to download a sample CSV file. Complete the file with the following data:

  • Student UID (same as Student username - see below)
  • Student username - must be unique to our database, we suggest student ID numbers or lunch numbers * 15 Character limit - no special characters (commas, hyphens, apostrophes, etc.) or spaces
  • Student password - must be at least 3 characters - no special characters or spaces
  • Student first name
  • Student last name
  • Parent email - not required
  • Parent name - not required
  • Grade level
  • Teacher

Although you can upload your students as one large batch, we highly recommend creating an individual CSV file for each grade level, then creating a Student Bucket group for each grade. Once you have completed the spreadsheets, you can either upload them yourself by selecting Add/Manage Student Buckets on the Account Administration page, then selecting Upload Students. If you would like us to upload your students for you, please email the files to info@spellingcity.com and we'll take care of the rest!

Assigning Students

Once you have uploaded your students, you can begin assigning them to their teachers or the teachers can log into their own accounts and select their students from the Bucket!

Account Administrator - How to assign students from the bucket to the teacher(s):

  • Log into your account.
  • Select Account Administration from your Administrator Toolbox.
  • Make sure that you are sharing licenses with each teacher you are assigning students for. (Under the column "Sharing Licenses," it should say "Yes".)
  • For each teacher, under Student Actions, select Assign/Manage and select the students* that belong to that teacher, then click Save.

Teachers - How to add your students from the bucket:

  • Log into your account.
  • Select Students from your Premium Teacher Toolbox.
  • Select Add Students from Bucket.

Any new students will need to be added to the Student Buckets as well to ensure they are available to all of your teachers. To add students to your current student bucket:

  • Log into your account
  • Select Account Administration from your Administrator Toolbox
  • Select Add/Manage Student Buckets next to your school's name
  • Click Add Students to add students individually or Upload Students to upload student data saved as a CSV file.

* To view students within buckets (or groups), click the red arrow next to the bucket name to open the group.

Managing Student Buckets

Selecting the Add/Manage Student Buckets link from Account Administration enables the administrator to add student buckets, delete student buckets, print or download a student list, and manage student accounts. Administrators can edit a student's account (change username, password, etc.), group students within a bucket, manage groups or delete students.

If you need assistance with student buckets, feel free to contact VocabularySpellingCity Support at info@spellingcity.com.

Common FAQs - Student Bucket

How do I upload the students in my school/district to my account?

We recommend that account administrators use our Student Bucket Upload to create accounts for their students. This way, students can be shared among teachers and can be easily moved from one class to the other without creating a new account. To use this feature, on the Account Administration page, select Sample CSV. From here, you can download a sample CSV file to complete with your students' information. Please do not include any special characters (such as hyphens) or spaces in your students' usernames or passwords, as these will not be accepted by our system. We recommend that administrators who wish to upload their own student buckets create separate CSV files for each grade and upload them into separate buckets. This makes account management much simpler. Once your CSV files have been completed and saved, you can upload your students by selecting Add/Manage Student Buckets from the Account Administration page, then select Upload Students.

If you'd like, you can save your completed Student CSV file and email it to info@spellingcity.com, and we'll handle the upload for you!

I have uploaded a student bucket. How do I assign students to each teacher?

Administrators can assign students to each teacher by clicking the Assign/Manage link under Student Actions on the Account Administration page, then checking off the names of students in that teacher's class and clicking Save. Alternatively, teachers can select their own students by logging into their accounts, selecting Students from the Premium Teacher Toolbox, then Add Students from Bucket.

How do I edit students within the bucket?

Select the Add/Manage Student Buckets link to manage accounts for students uploaded via the Student Bucket method. From here, you can edit accounts, group students, delete students, print or download a complete student list, or remove buckets.
To edit data for specific students, open the bucket group by clicking the red arrow next to the bucket name, then select Edit under Actions for each student whose data you wish to update.

Some of my teachers have already added students to their accounts. Can I still use the Student Bucket Upload?

Each student added by his/her teacher uses a student license. Students added manually to teachers' accounts cannot be shared with other teachers and cannot be transferred to other classes. You have a couple of options:

1. Delete the student accounts that have been created by the teacher and add the students to the bucket. Unfortunately, when student accounts are deleted, all records are deleted as well and cannot be retrieved. OR

2. Allow the teachers who have already created their own student accounts to use them for the remainder of the semester/school year. Do not include those students in your Student Bucket Upload (or they will be taking up extra licenses). At the end of the semester/school year (when the records may be deleted), delete those students and add them to the bucket, then assign them to their teachers.

I just got a new student, can I add an account for him to my class or does he need to be added to my school's bucket?

We recommend that account administrators add any new students to the bucket and then assign them to the teachers. This helps to prevent licensing issues. Individual students can be added to a bucket by selecting Add Students from the Manage Student Buckets page. A CSV upload can be used here as well.

I'm getting an error message when I try to upload my CSV file. What should I do?

First, make sure that the file is in the correct format (CSV). If it is a CSV file, make sure that you have not included any special characters (such as hyphens or apostrophes) or spaces in students' usernames or passwords. If you still have trouble uploading your file, please save the file and email it to info@spellingcity.com and we'll upload your students for you.

I accidentally uploaded the wrong information! Can I delete the Bucket and still use the same usernames for my students?

You can delete a Student Bucket by selecting Add/Manage Student Buckets. Find the bucket (group) you'd like to delete and select Delete Group under Actions. Once the accounts have been deleted, as long as the usernames are not in use elsewhere in our system, you should be able to upload the data with the same usernames as before.

At the end of the school year, do I need to delete all students and complete a new upload in the fall?

No. One of the benefits of the Student Bucket Upload is that students can be easily transferred from one class or grade level to another. You can remove them from their former teacher's class and assign them to a new teacher. Select Add/Manage Student Buckets to change the name of buckets (from one grade to the next) and/or to edit the grade level on a student's account. You can delete any students who have left the school here as well. Be sure to add any new students to the buckets!
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