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The Basics of Vocabulary and SpellingCity in your Classroom

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Using Vocabulary and SpellingCity in your classroom is easy!

Here are some step by step processes to help. We also have a variety of teacher training videos that offer a quick tour of Vocabulary and SpellingCity.

How do students take a test or use learning activities (games) without saved lists?

  1. Students enter their words on the notepad on the homepage. (Students do not need to register)
  2. Select the "Test Me, "Teach Me," or "Play A Game" links located at the top or bottom of the notepad.
  3. Vocabulary and SpellingCity has a variety of sample spelling lists for students.

How do students find registered teachers with saved lists to test or practice learning activities (games)?

  1. To locate saved lists, students will use the "Find A List" option.
    We recommend sending home Vocabulary and SpellingCity's Parent letter with your URL.
  2. Students can search by name, username, or list name. We recommend linking your Vocabulary and SpellingCity homepage for easier access.

How to take a test?

  1. Enter words into the Notepad on the front page or select a list.
  2. Select the "Test Me" from your list and after a short animation, the test appears.
  3. Click in the first box of white space to hear the word and the sentence.
  4. After typing in the spelling word, a student can select enter to move to the next word.
  5. If a student needs to rehear a word or sentence, they can also click the "Say It" button to hear the word or the "Sentence" button to hear the word in a sentence.
  6. When finished taking a test, click the "Check Me" button.
  7. A detailed test results page will show which words were spelled correctly and incorrectly.

How to read the test results page?

  1. The box at the top of the page shows how many words you spelled correctly, incorrectly, or didn't try, if any.
  2. You have the option of being retested on your incorrect answers or retaking the entire test.
  3. You can also print out a personalize results report or a certificate.
  4. To hear a misspelled word, click the "Teach Me" button next to the word.
  5. To hear each word on your list spelled out, click the "Teach Me" link above the test results.
  6. To play a game with your test, click the "Play A Game" link above the test results.

Find A School

Ideas from other teachers on how to apply Vocabulary and SpellingCity features into your daily classroom activities!
  1. Have students take a pretest Monday to show their growth at the end of each week. Missed or incorrect spelling words should be reinforced with the "Teach Me."
  2. Set aside classroom time or assign homework of 5-10 minutes a day using your weeks spelling or vocabulary lists with the learning activities (games).
  3. Get parents involved and send home Vocabulary and SpellingCity's Welcome Letter.
  4. Use the Student Sentence Writing Practice and Paragraph Writing Practice as a homework assignment.
  5. Upgrade to a Premium Membership and have all of your students learning activities and spelling tests recorded automatically.
  6. Spread the word! Vocabulary and SpellingCity is a useful vocabulary and spelling tool loved by students and highly recommended by teachers.

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