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VocabularySpellingCity's Beginning Spelling Curriculum was developed to provide educators and parents of children in Kindergarten through second grade with a sequential curriculum for teaching sound-symbol correspondences. It helps students achieve spelling success by systematically building strong foundational skills.

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1 Short /a/ words am, at, map, cat, mat, tap, can, hat Import
2 Short /i/ words in, pin, fin, lip, rip, pig, hit, big Import
3 Short /o/ words log, dot, top, hot, lot, ox, pop, hop Import
4 High Frequency Words #1 and, the, if, him, to, do, is, you Import
5 Review 1-4   Import
6 Short /e/ words pet, jet, red, bed, hen, ten, get, leg Import
7 Short /u/ words bug, rug, hug, up, sun, run, mud, cup Import
8 Words with initial 'l' blend clap, flap, flag, plop, plug, flip, slip, sled Import
9 High Frequency Words #2 are, for, he, be, on, it, with, my Import
10 Review 6-9   Import
11 Words with initial 'r' & 's' blend drop, drip, trap, trip, frog, stop, snap, swim Import
12 Words with the final blend 'mp' OR 'nd' bump, camp, jump, lamp, hand, land, pond, sand Import
13 Words with the final blend 'nt' OR 'st' went, tent, print, plant, best, test, nest, rest Import
14 High Frequency Words #3 who, all, does, have, what, sing, from, long Import
15 Review 11-14   Import
16 Digraph 'th' words this, that, then, thin, them, bath, math, path Import
17 Digraph 'ch' & '-tch' words chat, chip, chin, chop, chest, rich, itch, catch Import
18 Digraph 'sh' words ship, shop, shut, dish, fish, wish, rush, crash Import
19 High Frequency Words #4 come, here, could, how, like, down, there, two Import
20 Review 16-19   Import
21 Words with double final consonants bell, shell, hill, stiff, stuff, pass, class, buzz Import
22 Words with a final 'ck' back, check, clock, duck, lock, kick, rock, sick Import
23 Long /a/ spelled with a_e pattern came, make, late, shape, gave, brave, name, bake Import
24 High Frequency Words #5 what, find, into, write, old, ride, us, them Import
25 Review 21-24   Import
26 Long /i/ spelled with i_e pattern time, kite, bike, white, drive, mine, dime, life Import
27 Long /o/ spelled with o-e OR o pattern home, hole, rope, joke, bone, poke, so, no Import
28 Long /e/ spelled with e, ee, ea, OR e_e pattern me, she, eat, sea, read, feet, tree, these Import
29 High Frequency Words #6 help, made, was, want, from, pull, goes, many Import
30 Review 26-29   Import
31 Words with initial three-letter blends str, scr, spl string, street, scrap, scrub, stretch, splash, split, screen Import
32 Long /a/ spelled with 'ai' OR 'ay' play, spray, way, stay, mail, sail, rain, pain Import
33 Long /o/ spelled with 'oa' OR 'ow' boat, coat, float, soap, show, row, grow, snow Import
34 High Frequency Words #7 said, each, been, away, could, place, there, for Import
35 Review 31-34   Import
36 Long /u/ spelled with u_e pattern rule, mule, cube, tune, cute, use, tube, June Import
37 Long /i/ spelled with a 'y', 'igh' OR 'ie' try, sky, fly, dry, night, light, high, pie Import
38 Short /e/ spelled 'ea' head, dead, bread, dread, health, spread, sweat, threat, thread Import
39 High Frequency Words #8 put, pretty, again, more, where, some, day, may Import
40 Review 36-39   Import
41 r-controlled vowel 'ar' arm, farm, yard, art, car, bark, jar, card Import
42 r-controlled vowel 'er', 'ir', 'ur' her, fern, girl, bird, dirt, fur, hurt, turn, burn Import
43 Silent consonant combinations 'wr' OR 'kn' wrote, wrap, wrong, wreath, knee, knew, knock, knife Import
44 High Frequency Words #9 store, first, part, mother, other, water, number, word Import
45 Review 41-44   Import
46 Vowel digraph /oo/ spelled 'oo', 'ew', OR 'ou' soon, moon, noon, zoo, boot, new, blew, soup, group Import
47 Vowel digraph /u/ spelled 'oo' look, good, book, hook, cook, foot, wood, hood Import
48 Diphthong /ou/ spelled 'ou' OR 'ow' how, now, cow, town, owl, house, sound, count Import
49 High Frequency Words #10 about, down, out, work, people, funny, after, over, while, little Import
50 Review 46-49   Import
51 Diphthong /oi/ spelled 'oi' OR 'oy' boy, toy, joy, coin, join, oil, soil, coil Import
52 au/ sound spelled 'o', 'au', 'aw' OR 'al' soft, cost, cloth, pause, fault, yawn, straw, salt, talk, chalk Import
53 Compound words suntan, sandbox, bathtub, starfish, sunshine, homework, classroom, mailbox, butterfly, raincoat Import
54 High Frequency Words #11 all, ball, only, because, year, most, every, think, off, school Import
55 Review 51-54   Import

Beginning Spelling Curriculum may also be used as an intervention for struggling spellers regardless of age or grade level.

The curriculum is broken up into units of five weeks each:

  • Each of the first three weeks focuses on a regular spelling pattern.

  • The fourth week focuses on words that are most frequently used in reading and writing. Many of these high frequency words have irregular spelling patterns.

  • The fifth week is a review of the previous four weeks.
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