Sixth Grade Summer Program

Sixth Grade Summer Program

VocabularySpellingCity’s Summer Program for 6th graders includes vocabulary, spelling, grammar and writing assignments focusing on a range of subjects. Each day’s lesson is organized around a word list and has five games or activities. The word lists and activities are structured to optimize engagement and learning. Math, science and geography lists are included and used with definition games, sentence games, or writing activities to engage prior knowledge and build mastery of academic vocabulary. All activities and test scores are recorded, and student records may be accessed by parents at any time.

As a bonus for purchasing the Family Summer Program, parents get a Family Premium Membership for a year at no additional cost. As Premium Members, parents can create their own word lists and assignments for their children to build literacy skills all year long.

Fifth Grade Summer Program Lesson Topics
1Latin Root foreAbstract NounsHomophones #1Commonly Misspelled Words #1Language Arts Literary Terms
2Prefixes em- and en-Strong VerbsMultiple Meaning Words #1Suffixes -ance and -enceMath #1
3Latin Root portDo any of these words describe you?Synonyms for ‘many’Commonly Confused WordsScience #1
4Latin Root ped/pod and manCompound WordsHomophones #2Words Borrowed from other LanguagesLiterary Text CCSS – Eleven
5Latin Root jectAdverbsMultiple Meaning Words #2Commonly Misspelled Words #2Social Studies
6Latin Root ceptCollective NounsSynonyms for ‘happy’Suffixes -ic and -iveMath #2
7Latin Root mal- and bene-PrepositionsHomophones #3Poetry TermsInformational Text CCSS – The Great Fire
8Latin Root viv/vit and mortIrregular VerbsWords From Mythologyie OR eiScience #2

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Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a Family Premium Membership, how do I enroll in the Summer Program?

As a Premium Member, you’ll have the added benefit of the Summer Program beginning in May. When you log into your Family Premium Membership account, you will see a new menu option in your Toolbox called Summer Program. Just click on the link to get started.

What if I am an existing Premium Member and my membership expires during the summer?

Once your annual membership expires, you will no longer have access to the Summer Program. You must renew your membership to continue the Summer Program.

Which grade level should I choose? The grade just completed or the next grade?

Your child can review lessons from the previous grade or get a head start on the next school year. Parents can decide at sign-up and can even change grade levels if they find the content is too advanced or not challenging enough for the child.

What if I want to take a week off or proceed faster?

The 40 lessons are provided in a sequence, but students are free to proceed at their own pace. They can complete several assignments per day or take a few days off. Lessons will be available until September 15.

What happens after September 15, when the Summer Program ends?

Once the Summer Program ends, you will still have access to Premium Membership for one year from your initial date of purchase. Although the Summer Program link will disappear from your Premium Parent Toolbox, the assignments for the Summer Program will still be accessible through the Assignments link and you will still have access to the Summer Program lists through List Management. Plus all of your students’ records from the Summer Program will remain in your account.

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