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6th Grade Science Lists
Summary Word Lists 7 lists
Scientific Inquiry 3 lists
Matter 3 lists
Energy 3 lists
Motion 1 list
Space Science 3 lists
Earth Science 8 lists
Life Science 14 lists

6th Grade Science Summary Lists
Scientific Inquiry
Space Science
Earth Science
Life Science
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6th Grade Scientific Inquiry
History - List 1 of 1
Processes - List 1 of 2
Processes - List 2 of 2
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6th Grade Energy
Energy Types - List 1 of 2
Energy Types - List 2 of 2
Energy and Waves - List 1 of 1
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6th Grade Motion
Force - List 1 of 1
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6th Grade Space Science
The Earth in Space - List 1 of 2
The Earth in Space - List 2 of 2
The Universe - List 1 of 1
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Science Vocabulary Lists
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Sixth grade science can be a challenging subject, since most study of middle school science at this level requires much concentration and effort. VocabularySpellingCity makes studying sixth grade science easier by providing extensive targeted middle school science word lists. Studying science vocabulary to gain subject mastery provides undeniable benefits.

Students can review and study troublesome vocabulary terms to enhance their understanding of the sixth grade science curriculum. The repetition embedded in the practice and quizzes for the words will make any student comfortable with more complex terms. This is because the definitions are straightforward and provide an essential foundation upon which students can understand the connectivity of the words.

There are many ways to use these comprehensive sixth grade science word lists, whether through the summaries or full-length lists. Students can listen to the correct pronunciation of difficult words, play engaging science games, and test their knowledge of science concepts with immediate feedback through online testing. The lists below encompass various areas of study from sixth grade science lesson plans, including categories such as biology, earth science, physical science, and many others. Whether using sixth grade science worksheets, working on science experiments, or preparing a science project, students can use the middle school science word lists that VocabularySpellingCity has created to make it fun to learn science vocabulary and augment scientific knowledge!

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6th Grade Science Vocabulary
Words at a Glance

6th Grade Scientific Inquiry

History: binomial nomenclature, adaptation, domain, genus, law, evolution, theory, species, system, taxonomy

Processes: bias, criteria, dependent variable, hydrometer, independent variable, prototype, reproducible, scientific method, subjective, variable, controlled variable, data, experimental bias, hypothesis, International System, model, protocol, psychrometer, Si, trial

6th Grade Matter

The Changes in Matter: boiling point, chemical change, chemical property, chemical reaction, compound, element, mass, melting point, physical change, sublimation

The Properties of Matter: atom, chemical property, conductivity, electron, mass, molecule, nucleus, proton, temperature, physical property, boiling point, compound, density, element, melting point, neutron,combustibility, malleable, substance, weight

6th Grade Energy

Energy Types: chemical potential energy, heat convection, mechanical energy, potential energy, chemical energy, convection, conduction, kinetic energy, thermal energy,renewable energy, gravitational potential, electrical conductor, simple circuit, newton, natural resource, fossil fuel, radiation, elastic potential, solar cell, wind energy

Energy & Waves: energy efficiency, amplitude,wave, conservation of energy, net force, trough, frequency, force, crest, energy transformation

6th Grade Motion

Force: compound machine, friction, inclined plane, mechanical advantage, pulley, speed, wedge, wheel and axle, fulcrum, lever

6th Grade Space Science

The Earth in Space: axis of rotation, lunar eclipse, moon phases, planet, rotate, seasons, solar system, telescope, solstice, solar eclipse, gaseous, moon, orbit, revolve, satellite, solar eclipse, space shuttle, terrestrial, north pole, south pole

The Universe: asteroid belt, big bang theory, constellation, expansion, galaxy, gravitational force, revolution, rotation, solar system, trajectory, universe

6th Grade Earth Science

Environmental Air Pollution: acid rain, greenhouse effect, greenhouse gases, infrared radiation, ozone, smog, ultraviolet radiation, CFCs

Meteorology: climate, air mass, barometer, dew point, humidity, hurricane, psychrometer, saturation, climate change, high-pressure system, hygrometer, isobar, low-pressure system, microclimate, rain shadow, relative humidity, storm surge

Physical Geography: altitude, deposition, geosphere, hydrosphere, ozone, jet stream, latitude, longitude, seismic wave, equator, atmosphere, atmospheric convection, climate, Coriolis effect, El NiƱo, global winds, meteorologist, meteorological data

Structures: abrasion, chemical weathering, deposition, geosphere, infrared radiation, marine, mineral, ozone, plate tectonics, seismic wave, tides, latitude, crust, mechanical weathering, acid rain, neap tide, rock cycle, erosion, ultraviolet radiation, particulates, hydrosphere

The History of the Earth: acid rain, atmosphere, barometer, infrared radiation, microclimate, ozone, particulates, plate tectonics, saturation, ultraviolet radiation

6th Grade Life Science

Animal Behavior: basic needs, adaptation, specialization, mimicry, camouflage, scavenger, instinct, imprinting, hibernation, migration

Animal Diversity: dichotomous key, invertebrate, classification, vertebrate, symmetry, arthropod, binomial nomenclature, taxonomy, genus, kingdom

Cell Structure: mitochondria, organelle, chloroplast, nucleus, cell membrane, cell, cell wall, golgi apparatus, chromosome, cytoplasm

Community Ecology: microorganism, community, invertebrate, organism, pioneer species, plankton, prokaryotic cell, unicellular, vertebrate, niche, abiotic factor, bacteria, biosphere, classification, dichotomous key, function, interaction, molting, specialization

Disease: bacteria, host cell, incubation, parasite, spore, immunity, vaccine, virus, disease, immune system

Energy Pyramid: commensalism, consumer, decomposer, natural resource, niche, nutrient, producer, mutualism, parasitism, carbohydrate, carbon cycle, energy pyramid, host cell, parasite, protein, scavengers, symbiosis

Environmental Processes: photosynthesis, transpiration, abiotic, biotic, nitrogen cycle, succession, tropism, water cycle, nutrient cycle

Natural Resource Management: aquaculture, biomass, by-catch, eutrophication, sustainable, non-point source, point source pollution, pollution, septic system, resource

Nutrition: carbohydrate, protein, lipid, nutrient, calorie, amino acid, vitamin, enzyme, food group

Plants: photosynthesis, transpiration, tropism, gravitropism, vascular system, stomata, botany, chloroplast, chlorophyll, phototropism

Population Ecology: asexual reproduction, carrying capacity, ecology, ecosystem, heredity, limiting factor, population, population density, sexual reproduction

Reproduction: heredity, sexual reproduction, asexual reproduction, meiosis, mitosis, offspring, DNA, chromosome, dominant trait, recessive trait

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Educational Science Games

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