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Seventh grade science is where students really need to put on their thinking caps and understand the subjects on a deeper level. Learning science concepts can be easy and fun for seventh grade science students when they study their science vocabulary words by playing interactive online games. Students who learn the vocabulary that accompanies a specific subject are more likely to comprehend and excel in that subject. The study of science vocabulary for the seventh grade science curriculum is no exception.

VocabularySpellingCity provides extensive middle school science word lists, allowing students to study and review the most common seventh grade science words assigned by teachers. By using interactive and engaging science games, seventh grade students can master word meanings and use online testing to assess their learning and get immediate feedback.

7th Grade Science Lists

Summary Word Lists

7 lists

Scientific Inquiry

2 lists


6 lists


7 lists


2 lists

Space Science

4 lists

Earth Science

13 lists

Life Science

14 lists

7th Grade Science Summary Lists
Scientific Inquiry
Space Science
Earth Science
Life Science
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7th Grade Scientific Inquiry
History - List 1 of 1
Processes - List 1 of 1
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7th Grade Motion
Force - List 1 of 2
Force - List 2 of 2
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Seven categories are covered, both at a glance (see “Summary Lists” below) and in depth: Scientific Inquiry, Matter, Energy, Motion, Space, Earth, and Life Science. Learning to use and understand vocabulary words from these science areas at the seventh grade level helps students as they advance to eighth grade science and beyond.

The games and activities are an engaging way to complement the middle school science core curriculum. Students can access these targeted science vocabulary lists below to see just how much fun learning science concepts can really be!

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7th Grade Science Vocabulary
Words at a Glance

7th Grade Scientific Inquiry

History: binary code, digital, ethics, ethics in science, forensic science, law, skepticism, society, technology, theory

Processes: control group, controlled experiment, dependent variable, experimental group, independent variable, informed consent, qualitative, quantitative, scientific processes, variable

7th Grade Matter

The Changes in Matter: catalyst, chemical equation, chemical reaction, concentration, entropy, fusion, mixture, precipitate, reactant, product, pH, indicator, chemical formula, molecule, acid, desalination, base, chemical bond, combustion, matter, compound, covalent bond, element, fluid, half-life, inhibitor, isotope, plasma, salinity, ionic bond

The Properties of Matter: atomic number, chemical bond, conductor, entropy, gravity, inhibitor, isotope, periodic, precipitate, reactant, atomic mass, chemical equation, compound, conservation of mass, fluid, half-life, insulator, mass number, product, relative age, atomic mass unit, catalyst, chemical formula, concentration, covalent bond, element, ionic bond, meniscus, proton, salinity

7th Grade Energy

Electrical Circuits: alternating current, direct current, efficiency, electric current, induction, neutral, parallel circuit, insulator, watt, power, Ohm's law, ampere, kilowatt, resistance, resistor, series circuit, short circuit, transformer, volt

Electricity: voltage, electric charge, electric field, electric force, electric potential, electric power, sensor, static charge, static electricity, circuit

Energy Types & Processes: conduction, convection, electromagnetic radiation, hydroelectric, energy, hydrogen fuel cell, law of electric charges, nuclear fission

Heat Energy: sensor, wavelength, conduction, convection, absolute zero, calorie, endothermic, exothermic, joule, F

Light Energy: sensor, amplitude , crest , diffraction, prism, reflection, refraction, spectrum, trough, wavelength

Sound Energy: amplitude, crest , longitudinal wave, trough, wavelength, diffraction, doppler effect, interference, vibration

7th Grade Motion

Force: acceleration, buoyant force, inertia, lever, magnetic domain, mechanical advantage, parallax, speed, wedge, work, air resistance, electromagnetism, joule, machine, magnetic field, momentum, pulley, simple machines, velocity, wheel and axle

7th Grade Space Science

The Earth in Space: asteroid, constellation, ellipse, galaxy, light year, meteorite, revolution, solstice, spring tide, lunar eclipse, axis of rotation, solar eclipse, equinox, impact crater, meteor, neap tide, satellite, lunar cycle, terrestrial planet

The Universe: asteroid, big bang, comet, corona, gas giant, light year, meteor, nebula, penumbra, universe, astronomical unit, black hole, constellation, galaxy, impact crater, main sequence, meteorite, neutron star, solar wind, umbra

7th Grade Earth Science

Geologic Landforms: alluvial fan, barrier island, contour interval, contour line, delta, divide, drainage basin, glacier , moraine, floodplain

Groundwater: drainage basin, aquifer, artesian well, groundwater, impermeable, permeability, permeable, renewable resource, water table

History of the Earth: abrasion, absolute age, atmospheric pressure, convection, erosion, geologic time scale, geothermal energy, glacier, hydrothermal vent, index fossil, magnetic field, volcanism, moraine, continental drift, Pangaea, continental shelf, soil profile, Big Bang Theory, soil horizon, tectonics

Inside the Earth: volcanism, convection, crust, geothermal energy, hydrothermal vent, igneous , metamorphic, minerals, rock cycle, tectonics

Studies in Earth Structures: volcanism, geologic time scale, tectonics, phenomenon, absolute age, uniformitarianism, geologist

The Atmosphere: acid rain, atmospheric pressure, barometer, climate , El NiƱo, greenhouse effect, hurricane, ozone, isobar, jet stream, air mass, atmosphere , global winds,, high-pressure system, infrared radiation, low-pressure system, meteorologist, microclimate. ozone, smog

The Geosphere: altitude, Coriolis effect, deposition, geosphere, hydrothermal vent, nonrenewable resource, latitude, permeability, permeable, seismic wave

The Hydrosphere: floodplain, glacier , groundwater, humidity, hydrosphere, aquifer, dew point, water table, relative humidity, saturation

The Ocean: continental shelf, down welling, intertidal zone, longshore current, longshore drift, rip current, tidal range, upwelling, turnover, estuary

The Soil: humus, index fossil, sedimentary,, soil horizon, soil profile, peat, soil, cast

Weathering: erosion, abrasion, chemical weathering, deposition, desertification, exfoliation, loess, mass wasting, mechanical weathering, weathering

7th Grade Life Science

Cell Biology: asexual reproduction, cellular respiration, osmosis, prokaryote, RNA, chromosome, cell organelles, eukaryote, DNA, sex chromosome, prokaryotic cell, eukaryotic

Cell Division: anaphase, metaphase, prophase, cell division, meiosis,, mitosis, telophase

Cell Structure: cytoplasm, nucleus, cell membrane, cell wall, cell, organelle, golgi apparatus, endoplasmic reticulum, mitochondria, ribosome, vacuole

Disease: antibody, antigen, virus, pathogen, hormone, immunity, vaccine, immune system

Ecology - Ecosystems & Cycles: carbon cycle, cycles, decomposer , homeostasis , nitrogen cycle, photosynthesis , water cycle, nutrient cycle

Ecology - Microecology: cellular respiration, eukaryote, immunity, infectious disease, osmosis, parasite , pathogen, phytoplankton, prokaryote, virus

Ecology - Natural Selection: carrying capacity, commensalism, competitor, emigration, mutualism , opportunist, predation , speciation, species, biodiversity, dominance, evolution, extinction, mutation, natural selection, population dynamics, probability, recessive, trait, genetic drift

Ecology - Resource Management: aquaculture, biomass, by-catch, eutrophication, genetic engineering, non-point source, point source pollution, pollution, septic system, sewage system

Heredity: DNA, dominance, fertilization, genetic characteristic, genetic engineering, heterozygous, homozygous, probability, punnett square, allele, sex chromosome, dominant trait, gene, genotype, heredity, phenotype, recessive trait, trait, mutation

Human Anatomy - Body Systems: immune system, muscular system , nervous system , skeletal system, circulatory system, digestive system, endocrine system, organ system, respiratory system, urinary system

Human Anatomy - Circulation: artery, blood pressure, capillary, vein, red blood cell, heart, cardiovascular, circulation, atrium, ventricle

Human Anatomy - Muscles: skeletal muscle, smooth muscle, tissue, voluntary muscle, involuntary muscle, cardiac muscle, tendons

For a complete online Science curriculum in First Grade Science, Second Grade Science, Third Grade Science, Fourth Grade Science, Fifth Grade Science, Sixth Grade Science, or Seventh Grade Science visit Time4Learning.com.

Educational Science Games

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