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Scientific Inquiry Word Lists
Kindergarten 17 lists
1st Grade 20 lists
2nd Grade 29 lists
3rd Grade 7 lists
4th Grade 7 lists
5th Grade 8 lists
6th Grade 3 lists
7th Grade 2 lists
8th Grade 2 lists

6th Grade Scientific Inquiry
History - List 1 of 1
Processes - List 1 of 2
Processes - List 2 of 2
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7th Grade Scientific Inquiry
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8th Grade Scientific Inquiry
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Science Vocabulary Lists
By Grade
Kindergarten Science Words
1st Grade Science Words
2nd Grade Science Words
3rd Grade Science Words
4th Grade Science Words
5th Grade Science Words
6th Grade Science Words
7th Grade Science Words
8th Grade Science Words
High School Science Words

All scientific discoveries begin with inquiring minds. The field of study known as Scientific Inquiry encompasses diverse ways in which scientists study the natural world, record information, and communicate knowledge. Both the elementary school science core curriculum and the middle school science core curriculum cover the foundational science vocabulary of scientific inquiry on which other science instruction builds. Teaching elementary scientific inquiry reveals that many everyday words have scientific meanings.

As elementary school scientific inquiry words become more complex (including measurement instruments,units, descriptors, methods, and historic accounts), words are best learned when science definitions are presented in fun online science games and printable science vocabulary worksheets. These are engaging supplements to the rigor of learning science vocabulary in the classroom. Teachers can use these comprehensive science word lists to enhance their lesson plans.

Teaching middle school science involves having students perform science experiments, prepare science fair projects, and answer questions through the scientific method. The science vocabulary lists below are designed to help budding scientists develop their inquiring minds!

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Scientific Inquiry Vocabulary
Words at a Glance

Kindergarten Scientific Inquiry

Actions: classify, combine, decrease, increase, alter, respond, freeze, melt, boil prevent, contract, expand, separate, mix, thaw, change, produce, grow, explore, create, sort, add, subtract, attempt, definite, imprint, magnify, map, share

Appearance: rough, appearance, color, combination, luster, shape size, smooth, texture, circle, circular, dull, rectangle, characteristics, shiny, surface, soft, straight, triangle

Behavior: made up of, characteristics, composition, gas, liquid, solid, temperature, heat, rust, cold, float, hot, magnetic, sink, slide, stronger, warm, weaker, observe

Direction: east, left, north, right, south, west, backward, direction, down, up, zigzag, across, back, angle, far, farther, forward, in front, through

Position: high, position, around, behind, outside, between, center, over, under,east, inside, left, location, north, below, above, right, south, west, away, bottom, close, closer, front, low, middle, near, next to, top

Properties: gas, liquid, solid, takes up space, mass, phase, property, science, material, matter, mixture, object, substance, volume, made up of

The Scientific Method: graph, record data, relationship, sequence, tally chart, compare, observe, test, measure, scientific method, bar graph, analyze, control, data, experiment, hypothesize, observation, variable, make conclusions, describe, investigate, science, teamwork, communicate, identify, imagine , pattern , predict, problem, trials

1st Grade Scientific Inquiry

Actions: add, alter, create, decrease, increase, separate, sequence, sort, map, subtract, classify, definite, explore, grow, magnify, prevent, produce, respond

Appearance: characteristics, circle, luster, rectangle, shape, triangle, straight, shine, surface, appearance, color, combination, size, square, circular, texture, dull, rough, shimmer, shiny, soft, smooth

Behavior: science, characteristics, cold, composition, heat, takes up space, magnetic, temperature, warm, observe, made up of, float, gas, liquid, shine, sink, solid, stronger, weaker, hot

Conducting Experiments: compare, gather data, hypothesize, identify, imagine, measure, observe, journal, trials, record, experiment, notebook, problem, scale, tally chart, teamwork, variable

Direction: east, left, north, right, south, west, direction, across, back, down, up, angle, backward, far, farther, forward, in front, through, zigzag

Physical Processes: boil, change of state, contract, dissolve, expand, melt, mix, law, mixture, freeze, thaw, physical change, cycle, freezing, interact, system

Position: next to, center, east, north, right, south, top, west, left, position, close, front, high, near, behind, between, low, middle, outside, over, around, location, above, away, below, closer, inside, under, bottom

Properties: gas, solid, matter, object, volume, liquid, substance, mass, phase, takes up space, material, mixture, property, scientist

The Scientific Method: analyze, attempt, balance, communicate, graph, make conclusions, predict, scientific method, pattern, investigate, infer, bar graph, qualitative observations, quantitative observations, relationship, share, solution

2nd Grade Scientific Inquiry

Actions: classify, combine, decrease, definite, increase, produce, alter, cycle, add , drag, grow, magnify, mix, prevent, sort

Appearance: shine, silver, color, size, straight, surface, appearance, rectangle, circular, combination, rough, shimmer, shiny, smooth, texture, triangle, circle, square, luster, characteristics, dull, soft

Behavior: characteristics, float , gas, liquid ,, shine, sink, solid, warm, attract, cold, hot, magnetic, nonmagnetic, nonmetal, repel, temperature, composition, beaming, nonrenewable, silver, weaker, stronger, heat

Direction: east, left, north, right, south, west, direction, across, angle, back, down, far, farther, through, zigzag

Measurement Descriptors: distance, height, nonstandard measurement, standard measurement, technology, weight, width, time, greater, estimate, exact , heavy, less, longest, loud, shortest, more, length, standard, equal, touch, scent, see, smell, taste

Measurement Units: Celsius, centimeter, gram, meter, milliliter, unit of measure, year, Fahrenheit, hour, kilogram ,liter ,month, ounce, pound

Position: around, center, east, left, north, right, south, west, above, below, inside, outside, front, high, low, middle, near, position, over, under, away, behind, between, bottom, close, closer, in front, location, next to, top

Properties: gas, liquid , solid, matter, phase, volume, takes up space, substance, property, shape, mass, material, metal, mixture

Scientific Communication: bar graph, chart, data doesn't support, data supports, evidence, make conclusions, notebook, relationship, using models, share, graph, communicate, identify, imagine , infer , journal, model, predict, reconstruct, solutions

Scientific Jobs: scientist, biologist, geologist, physicist, zoologist, astronomer, engineer

Scientific Tools: meterstick , pedometer, ruler, thermometer , yard stick, metric system, tool, analog watch, balance scale, beaker, container, digital stopwatch, hourglass, scale, bar magnet, calendar, measuring cup, stop watch, tape measure, hand lens , horseshoe magnet, microscope , senses, telescope

The Scientific Method: attempt, balance, gather data , hypothesize , measure, observe , record, observation, problem, scientific method, investigate, control, differences, similarities, trials, variable, qualitative observations, quantitative observations, data, explore, compare,, pattern , scale, sequence, stronger, subtract, tally chart

3rd Grade Scientific Inquiry

Descriptors: acid, base, magnetic, meteorologist, observe, position, resource, temperature, malleable, density, attraction, element, mass, nonrenewable, physical property, renewable, scientist, volume, chemical property, describe

Processes: conditions, variable, model, identify, dependent variable, experiment, infer, investigation, balance, theory, communicate, constant, draw conclusions, heating, hypothesize, interact, law, observation, repetition, trial, compare, control, evidence, hypothesis, independent variable, inference, measure, predict, scientific method, using models

Tools: balance, Celsius, Fahrenheit, gram, microscope, meter, metric system, milliliter, volume, magnet, beaker, centimeter, graduated cylinder, hand lens, kilogram, liter, meterstick, thermometer, weigh, scale

4th Grade Scientific Inquiry

Descriptors: acid, base, element, mass, observe, position, resource, temperature, pH,indicator, volume, scientist, renewable, nonrenewable, physical property, chemical property, nonrenewable, magnetic, conductivity, attraction

Processes: chemical change, communicate, conservation of mass, evidence, gather data, identify, infer, model, record data, theory, dependent variable, focus, hypothesize, data, predict, scientific method, classify, investigation, conclude, inference, balance, classification, compare, constant, data point, experiment, hypothesis, independent variable, measure, variable

Tools: balance, celsius, graduated cylinder, hand lens, liter, meterstick, microscope, thermometer, volume, Fahrenheit, telescope, milliliter, metric system, meter, kilogram, gram, balance, model, centimeter, beaker

5th Grade Scientific Inquiry

Descriptors: aesthetic, characteristics, combustibility, ductile, luster, mass, nonrenewable, reactivity, resource, topography, attributes, chemical, conductivity, elliptical, magnetic, malleable, position, renewable, temperature, transparent

Processes: bar graph, classify, constant, hypothesize, infer, line graph, model, pie graph, scientific method, trial, variable, subjectivity, predict, objectivity, measure, investigation, identify, evidence, control, communicate, compare, dependent variable, experiment, gather data, independent variable, inference, make conclusions, observation, record data, theory

Tools: absolute magnitude, boiling point, distance, gram, kilogram, liter, meter, microscope, space probe, wave length, weigh, telescope, milliliter, meterstick, magnitude, lens, joules, estimate, Celsius, apparent magnitude, barometric pressure, centimeter, graduated cylinder, hand lens, light year, melting point, metric system, senses, thermometer, weight

6th Grade Scientific Inquiry

History: binomial nomenclature, adaptation, domain, genus, law, evolution, theory, species, system, taxonomy

Processes: bias, criteria, dependent variable, hydrometer, independent variable, prototype, reproducible, scientific method, subjective, variable, controlled variable, data, experimental bias, hypothesis, International System, model, protocol, psychrometer, Si, trial

7th Grade Scientific Inquiry

History: binary code, digital, ethics, ethics in science, forensic science, law, skepticism, society, technology, theory

Processes: control group, controlled experiment, dependent variable, experimental group, independent variable, informed consent, qualitative, quantitative, scientific processes, variable

8th Grade Scientific Inquiry

Processes: control group, controlled experiment, dependent variable, experimental group, independent variable, informed consent, protocol, prototype, qualitative, quantitative, scientific processes, variable

History: cloning, constraints, digital, ethical, genetic engineering, genome, GIS, GPS, sonar, taxonomy, ultrasound

For a complete online Science curriculum in First Grade Science, Second Grade Science, Third Grade Science, Fourth Grade Science, Fifth Grade Science, Sixth Grade Science, or Seventh Grade Science visit Time4Learning.com.

Educational Science Games

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