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VocabularySpellingCity has tools to help you prepare your students for the SAT, including word lists, interactive games, and printable worksheets. High school students can learn their words using customizable SAT Vocabulary Flashcards, which provide definitions, contextual sentences, parts of speech and even synonyms and antonyms. For offline study, students can print their flashcards of SAT words. Once they have learned their words, students can practice them using interactive games like the SAT Crossword Puzzle.

VocabularySpellingCity provides ready-made word lists of the 100 most common SAT words students should know. From "abrogate" to "maelstrom" to "zenith" and everything in between, the SAT word lists are organized in alphabetical order. The lists are designed to cover the one hundred words most commonly tested on the SAT, giving students a strong vocabulary base.

Free SAT Vocabulary Word Lists
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Most games and learning activities on VocabularySpellingCity can be printed. You can therefore use the learning activities as SAT vocabulary worksheets.

The language portion of the SAT is organized into five main areas. VocabularySpellingCity provides online and offline practice in all five areas, simplifying SAT prep for both students and teachers. Simply click on the Enrichment Strategies above for sample questions and practice exercises for each SAT section.

  1. Identitfying Sentence Errors
    When reading over a sentence, can your students pinpoint any improper ,grammar, usage, or word choice? The Identify Sentence Errors section on the SAT examines students' aptitude in this area. They do not have to explain how they would correct the error.; their job is to recognize which part, if any, must be corrected. Knowing their SAT vocabulary words can greatly help students identify sentence errors.
  2. Choosing the Better Sentence
    Are your students able to pick out the better sentence when there are no grammatical or mechanical errors in either sentence? Common, if less obvious, problems can include: ineffective sentence structure, lack of clarity or precision, missing subjects, weak passive verbs, improper diction, or wordiness. To be able to spot inconsistencies in a sentence dealing with parallelism, tense sequence, and noun-number agreement, students should be very familiar with the SAT vocabulary words used to create those very sentences on the test.
  3. Improving Sentences
    How well do your students fare when it comes to improving sentences with answer choices that are all variations of one another? In the Improving Sentences section of the SAT, students must select the best choice to replace all or part of the original sentence in question. Naturally, vocabulary plays a crucial role in successfully improving sentences.
  4. Editing and Revising Paragraphs
    The Improving Paragraphs section of the SAT presents a draft of a short essay, The questions might provide a variety of editing options and ask which revision is most needed. Are your students prepared to choose the correct one? With a thorough knowledge of the most common SAT vocabulary words, your students will feel confident in their ability to edit and revise paragraphs.
  5. Writing the SAT Essay
    If they are like most high school students, your students may be anxious about the SAT Essay Writing portion of the test, which assesses their ability to develop ideas and express them effectively. Students are given 25 minutes to write five paragraphs, while graders spend less than one minute on each essay, quickly detecting keywords, a coherent idea, and a few "million dollar words" carefully placed. Although vocabulary plays an important part in all sections of the language portion ot the SAT, the essay may well be where students can reap the most benefit from knowing their SAT vocabulary words.
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